AFL Round 7 results 2019

As I said in my last post I didn’t expect a perfect result last week. Shit, getting one perfect result was pretty cool but two in a row? I’m just not that lucky. As you can see below my AFL round 7 results 2019 wasn’t all that bad.

AFL Round 7 Results 2019 Pretty Cool

AFL round 7 results 2019

Although my AFL round 7 results 2019 wasn’t perfect this round I reckon 6 out of 9 was pretty good. Now, let’s look at the AFL Score results.

AFL Round 7 Score Results

Collingwood 15-18 [108] Port Adelaide 10-9 [69]
Melbourne 11-13 [79] Hawthorn 11-8 [74]
GWS Giants 18-6 [114] St. Kilda 10-10 [70]
Brisbane 14-19 [103] Sydney 12-9 [81]
Wstn Bulldogs 15-9 [99] Richmond 7-10 [52]
West Coast 11-14 [80] Gold Coast 8-9 [57]
Carlton 8-14 [62] North Melbourne 18-12 [120]
Geelong 13-8 [86] Essendon 7-12 [54]
Adelaide Crows 7-9 [51] Fremantle 5-4 [34]

For me, the biggest upset was the Carlton vs Nth Melbourne game. No-one was more surprised than the Carlton fans who were shocked from the first quarter onwards.

As for the Crows vs Fremantle game, sure it was a scrappy game, but I’m more than happy enough to predict a win.

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