AFL Round 9 Results 2019

AFL Round 9 Results 2019 Pretty Good

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my AFL round 9 results 2019. What would have made the AFL round 9 results a lot better would have been a Crows win, but too little too late.

AFL round 9 results 2019

AFL Round 9 Score Resuzlts

West Coast 13-7 [85] Melbourne 9-15 [69]
Collingwood 17-10 [112] St. Kilda 10-11 [71]
Brisbane 13-15 [93] Adelaide Crows 13-14 [92]
Geelong 21-7 [133] Wstn. Bulldogs 13-11 [89]
Essendon 8-12 [60] Fremantle 7-11 [53]
Nth. Melbourne 10-12 [72] Sydney 11-11 [77]
Pt. Adelaide 13-11 [89] Gold Coast 7-9 [51]
Richmond 14-11 [95] Hawthorn 8-11 [59]
GWS Giants 20-18 [138] Carlton 7-3 [45]

You may recall from my last post that I placed a multi-bet last week. A 9 way multi-bet at that. Unfortunately with the Crows losing it wasn’t worth cashing out and so I lost that bet. Luckily for me it was only a buck.

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