AFL Round 10 Results 2019

While I was hoping for betting in my AFL Round 10 Results 2019, it’s not my worst round of footy tipping by any means.

AFL Round 10 Results 2019 Pretty Good

AFL Round 10 Results 2019

AFL Round 10 Score Results

Sydney 11-7 [73] Collingwood 11-14 [80]
Hawthorn 12-8 [80] Pt. Adelaide 6-13 [49]
Wstn. Bulldogs 13-12 [90] Nth. Melbourne 18-7 [115]
Adelaide Crows 10-13 [73] West Coast 13-7 [85]
Gold Coast 9-10 [64] Geelong 13-13 [91]
Richmond 10-13 [73] Essendon 6-14 [50]
Melbourne 10-8 [68] GWS Giants 14-10 [94]
St. Kilda 9-14 [68] Carlton 8-7 [55]
Fremantle 10-13 [73] Brisbane 10-12 [72]

Once again my picks meant that I got my multi-bet wrong. I need to get at least the first for picks right to make it worthwhile to cash out.

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AFL Results Round 3 2016

Fortuna Rocks AFL Results Round 3 2016

AFL Results Round 3 2016

Time to look at the AFL Results Round 3 2016! After round 2’s disappointing result Fortuna has done well to score 8 out of 9 in her AFL results round 3 2016. She would have scored 9 out of 9 if it wasn’t for Collingwood’s poor showing against St’ Kilda.

What’s really upsetting is that Collingwood couldn’t even get the lead in one lousy quarter. At least if they were able to do that I would have got my cash back on my MultiBet because of Sportsbet‘s latest promotion. The promotion I wrote about in the AFL round 1 Footy tips post.

Apart from backing Fortuna’s AFL picks for round 3 there were a couple of positives in that round. The first was even though I lost my MultiBet it wasn’t a total loss, This is because the four legs of my $10 5 leg MultiBet one me a total of $6.42! This means I only lost $3.58. Naturally this makes my sports betting bankroll last that much longer.

EDIT: Read how my losing bet was actually a winning bet!

The second positive was that the Crows won against Richmond. Yep. it’s always a positive when the Crows manage a win.  :thumb_up: They did way better than Collingwood who let an injury ravaged side beat them.

As the Age reported the Crows proved to be a sharp outfit in their game against Richmond. Overtime Richmond came back the Crows knuckled down and beat them back again. As hard as Richmond tried the Crows were able to keep them in check. A truly great game to watch.

Getting back to our AFL footy tips results I thought it would be a good idea to keep a running total of Fortuna’s footy tips score. You’ll see the running total on the right hand side of the AFL Footy tips results image. As you can see in the image above Fortuna’s combined footy tips results so far is 19!

How did you go with your footy tips?