2018 AFLW Round 2 Results

2018 AFLW Round 2 Results Nosedives

2018 AFLW Round 2 ResultsI’m a little disappointed in the¬†2018 AFLW Round 2 Results. I was hoping for an improvement, a perfect score no less, :tongue_out: but as I said in last weeks post, I wasn’t overly confident, which is why I only put two bucks on a multi-bet. I was hoping to get at least the first two or three right, so I could cash out and make a little money.

William Hill was my online sports betting site of choice¬†last week because they had the best odds. Unfortunately, I got the first one wrong. I expected the Crows to lose, and I was right on that count. Oh, well, I can’t complain as two bucks in the scheme of things is a pretty small wager to lost. It’s like I always say if you’re going to do the sports betting thing you have to gamble responsibly!