I Won A Bet On England vs Italy World Cup Game

won a bet on england
I won a bet on England vs Italy World Cup Game

I woke up at 6am this morning so that I could watch the England vs Italy World Cup game at the Newton Church hall. After watching Australia lose against Chili, lucky I didn’t bet on that one, I was really hoping that Italy would triumph over England. Why, being an Aussie and all? Basically because my parents were born in Italy. So I barrack for two teams in the World Cup. Naturally when Australia plays Italy I want Australia to win. After all, I am a dinky di Aussie. 😉

What made the game even more interesting was the fact that I had placed a bet on that game. It was actually this weeks Bet Of The Week.

I won A Bet On England vs Italy

As you can see from the screenshot from my Sportingbet app I actually won the bet. I could have bet straight out on Italy to win which would have paid more but I decided to hedge my bet. I did this by placing a double chance bet. I wrote about that on my What Is A Double Chance post. That way if Italy lost and England won I would still win something.

The only way I could lose was if the match ended in a draw. So, you can imagine my apprehension when Daniel Sturridge scored the equaliser, the first goal being scored by Claudio Marchisio. My heart was in my mouth for the rest of the game. The excitement did not abate even when Mario Balotelli scored the next goal.

I tell you, when Andrea Pirlo‘s shot at goal hit the bar it was all In could do contain myself. Why so much excitement? It’s like I said, for me to win the bet either Italy or England had to win. A draw would result in my losing the wager.

As it turns out Italy won 2-1 against England and I won the bet. Yeah, I know your looking at that image and saying to yourself, so what, I didn’t win all that much. And you are so right! I didn’t win much dollar wise. But for me it’s not the win so much as the added excitement I get from placing a wager on particular sport. Whether it’s an AFL game or, in this situation, the World Cup. Even if I lose it doesn’t negate the added excitement it brings to the game. naturally it does make the win even sweeter.

Did you place a bet on the England vs Italy game? If so, how did you go?

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