WTC L38 Smartwatch Review

On April the 4th I wrote a post called Best Smartwatch Bets Sports Smartwatch. I mentioned in that post how I always wanted a smartwatch, ever since the introduction of the Apple Watch! Only problem is the Apple watch is way too expensive. That’s why I ordered the WTC L38 Smart Sports Watch (that link has been updated with a newer,cheaper smartwatch)  from my Sports Store on the 4th April. You’ll find a link to my Sports Store in the menu above  :drunk: I got the watch on the 30th April. Its now the 13th of May and about time for the WTC L38 Smartwatch Review!

WTC L38 Smartwatch Review

WTC L38 Smartwatch Review

Because I also own a Fitbit Charge HR activity wristband I thought about comparing the WTC L38 to my Fitbit but that wouldn’t really be fair as one is an activity tracker while the other is full on smartwatch. Shit, Dick Tracy himself would have loved to own the WTC L38 Smartwatch! Having said that there are a few comparisons that can be made.

WTC L38 Smartwatch Review Fitbit Charge HR Comparison

The first comparison would have to be the price. The Fitbit Charge HR is about $170 in Australia while the WTC L38 Smartwatch only set me back $94.

  1. Quality: Seeing as how the Fitbit cost that much more than the WTC L38 Smartwatch you would expect theWTC L38 Smartwatch manual quality to be so much better. When putting them side by side the quality of the WTC L38 Smartwatch is way better than the Fitbit Charge HR. While the Fitbit looks cheap the smartwatch in comparison could easily pass as a dress watch! Heck some of my mates have even mistaken it for an Apple Watch!
  2. Watchband: The Smartwatch watchband is also looks heaps better and is heaps easier to put on as it just clips on. The smartwatch band is also interchangeable as it easily unfastens because of the “pin clips” I don’t know what else to call them.  :thinkin:
  3. Fitness Tracker: This is where the Fitbit Charge HR shines, but it has more to do with the Fitbit App than it has to do with the Fitbit itself. If it wasn’t for the Fitbit app WTC L38 Smartwatch stepsI’m sure most people would even bother with it. Looking at the image on the right you can see that my smartwatch gives a hell of a lot more information than the Fitbit without having to scroll through it. If the guys that make this watch took the time to make a half decent app this smartwatch would kill my Fitbit Charge HR.
  4. Daylight View: Another thing I like about my smartwatch is that it’s visible in the sunlight! You can’t see a thing when trying to check your steps on the Fitbit while walking in the sunlight.
  5. Both the Fitbit Charge HR and the WTC L38 Smartwatch have a heart monitor. Unless you turn it off the Fitbit heart monitor is continuously on. The Smartwatch’s heart monitor goes into gear once you select the start icon. Once again the Fitbit gives a lot more information but only because of the app.

I would love to compare my smartwatch with the Apple Watch but that won’t happen unless the kind people from Apple give me one to review. 😉

Does The WTC L38 Smartwatch Work With the iPhone?

As you can see in the video below the smartwatch effortlessly pairs with my iPhone 6s. The only function that I’ve found doesn’t work with the iPhone is that you can’t transfer images from the smartwatch to the iPhone via bluetooth. I questioned the guys I bought it from and they said that feature only works with an android smartphone, I tried it with my son’s Samsung Galaxy and it worked fine

Everything else seems to work fine. It picks up notifications as well as messages from the iPhone. The constant notifications was getting a little annoying so I changes the notification settings on the iPhone so only the important one popped up. You do that by going to settings, notifications then select the app and turn off ‘Show in Notification Centre’

WTC L38 Smartwatch Features

The smartwatch has other features that I haven’t mentioned yet. They include:

  • Camera and Video: Yep, you can take videos and photos using the smartwatch
  • Camera remote: You can use the smartwatch as a remote to take photos with your smartphone.
  • Play Music: The smartwatch can play any music files stored on your smartphone
  • File Manage: View images, sound files or videos stored on your smartphone via it’s file manager. Can also delete, move or send to android smartphone via bluetooth.
  • Calendar, month or day
  • Alarm: After setting the alarm you can even turn the smartwatch off. It will come on automatically sounding the alarm and asking if you would like to turn it back on.
  • Phonebook and dealer: Check your phone book contacts and call them from the smartwatch. Yep, I wanted to be able to do that ever since watching those Dick Tracy cartoons.  :tongue_out:
  • Call logs: Check your smartphone’s call logs.
  • Calculator: A basic calculator to get you out of trouble when you need it.
  • Stop watch
  • Sound Recorder: Great for recording those meetings with your boss 😀 Don’t know how long a file it will save though?
  • Sleep Monitor: very basic
  • TV / Air Conditioner remote: This would be a neat little feature but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

There are some other features, some of which I mention in the video, but I din’t find them important enough to bring up.

If I would have to rate the WTC L38 Smartwatch out of 5 I would give it 4 and that’s only because the TV remote doesn’t work. It would have been a nice bonus but even without it I love my WTC L38 Smartwatch.

You check out the smartwatch in the Sports Store. (Link updated with newer watch.

WTC L38 Smartwatch Review in action

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