Angelique Kerber Hot Sports Babe #31

angelique-kerber hot sports babesAs Angelique Kerber celebrates her Australian Open win I thought I may as well celebrate it with her by making her our Hot Sports Babe #31. I don’t think that anyone would begrudge her a spot in our Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame either.

Born in Germany on January 18 1988  Angelique Kerber turned professional at the young age of 15. She didn’t get her major break though until 2011 when she reached the semifinals in the US Open.

Watching  Angelique Kerber’s playing against Serena Williams was a tennis match worth watching. I’m sure most people watching it were as surprised as Angelique herself when she won that final point. Hearing the emotion in her voice as she made her speech just shows how big a moment in her life the win was. Seeing the surprise when she found she moved to no2 in the world was something to see.

Wikipedia has a pretty good rundown of Angelique Kerber’s career. She’s pretty active on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Not so much on Instagram but hey, two out of three isn’t bad right?  :tup:

It took awhile but I managed to put together a pretty good collage of Angelique for you.

Sexy Angelique Kerber Hot Sports Babe

Sexy Angelique Kerber Hot Sports babe

5 Interesting Facts About Angelique Kerber Australian Open Win
  1. CT7QHY0UsAAaEyaThe last German to win the Australian ope was Steffi Graf in 1994
  2. Ferber only made 13 unforced errors compared to
    William’s 46
  3. Kerber’s beaten Williams before in the 2012 Cincinnati quarter final
  4. Steffi Graf is her idol and inspiration
  5. Her grandparents actually own a tennis facility named after her

Looks like the love of tennis must run in the family 😉

You’ve probably noticed that apart from being sexy, smart and very easy on the eyes, most of our hot sports babes have that determination to succeed. Angelique Kerber also fulfils all three criteria!

What do you like most about Angelique Kerber?