AFL Round 19 2018 Tips

AFL Round 19 2018 Tips Moving Up?

AFL Round 19 2018 Tips

After last weeks good results I’m looking for a better result with this week’s AFL Round 19 2018 Tips. It’s not going to be easy to beat last weeks result because I think some of these games could go either way. The Adelaide Crows vs Melbourne game for example. Still, here’s hoping for a spectacular result with my AFL Round 19 2018 Tips.

  • Essendon vs Sydney (Etihad)
  • Richmond vs Collingwood (MCG)
  • Geelong vs Brisbane (GMHBA)
  • GWS Giants vs St. Kilda (Spotless)
  • Gold Coast vs Carlton (Metricon)
  • Adelaide Crows vs Melbourne (Adelaide)
  • Nth. Melbourne vs West Coast (Blundstone)
  • Wstn. Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide (Eureka)
  • Fremantle vs Hawthorn (Optus)

Now that I have my AFL Round 19 2018 Tips sorted it’s time to check out the best odds offered by Ladbrokes.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 19

2018 AFL Round 19 Ladbrokes
Essendon 1.77
Sydney 2.10
Richmond 1.47
Collingwood 2.75
Geelong 1.19
Brisbane 5.00
GWS Giants 1.13
St. Kilda 6.40
Gold Coast 1.35
Carlton 3.30
Adelaide Crows 1.75
Melbourne 2.12
Nth. Melbourne 2.10
West Coast 1.77
Wstn. Bulldogs 3.05
Port Adelaide 1.40
Fremantle 2.95
Hawthorn 1.42
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I thought this week I’d split my bets putting five bucks on Richmond and five on West Coast. You can see my bets here.

That’s it for this weeks AFL Round 19 2018 Tips. Good luck with your tips and any wagers that you may place.

AFL Round 18 2018 Tips

AFL Round 18 2018 Tips Getting It Right?

AFL Round 18 2018 Tips

After last weeks crappy tipping result, I’m hoping to do a lot better with my AFL Round 18 2018 Tips! One of the reasons it so important to get my AFL Round 18 2018 Tips right is because I use my tips to work out my betting strategy. The more I get right, the more likely I’ll have a winning bet. Last week I only got four right, and it was no surprise when I struck out with Ladbrokes wager as well.

On to my AFL Round 18 2018 Tips!

  • St. Kilda vs Richmond (Etihad)
  • Collingwood vs Nth Melbourne (MCG)
  • Sydney vs Gold Coast (SCG)
  • Essendon vs Fremantle (Etihad)
  • Brisbane vs Adelaide Crows (Gabba)
  • Geelong vs Melbourne (GMHBA)
  • Carlton vs Hawthorn (Etihad)
  • West Coast vs Wstn. Bulldogs (Optus)
  • Port Adelaide vs GWS Giants (Adelaide)

I’m not sure that the Crows will win this week but I tipped against them last week, and they won, so I figured win or lose I’ll support my club. I just won’t put any money on them  :tongue_out:

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 18

2018 AFL Round 18 Ladbrokes
St. Kilda 6.75
Richmond 1.12
Collingwood 1.58
Nth Melbourne 2.45
Sydney 1.04
Gold Coast 13.00
Essendon 1.20
Fremantle 4.75
Brisbane 2.35
Adelaide Crows 1.62
Geelong 1.67
Melbourne 2.25
Carlton 6.00
Hawthorn 1.14
West Coast 1.11
Wstn. Bulldogs 7.00
Port Adelaide 1.80
GWS Giants 2.05
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This week I reckon I’ll put my money on Collingwood. You can see my bet here.

Here’s hoping for a great AFL Round 18 2018 Tips and another winning bet and wishing you all the best for your round 18 AFL tips and bets.

AFL Round 16 2018 Tips

AFL Round 16 2018 Tips Moving Up?

AFL Round 16 2018 Tips

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my AFL Round 16 2018 Tips are an improvement on last weeks tipping results. I know some tipsters out there may get a perfect result, but that’s more arse than class. If they could do it every week, they’d be making heaps of money. The main reason for me always reinforcing responsible gambling is because you can never tell how a sports game will pan out.

Enough of that, here are my AFL Round 16 2018 Tips.

  • Sydney vs Geelong (SCG)
  • Richmond vs Adelaide Crows (MCG)
  • Brisbane vs Carlton (Gabba)
  • Port Adelaide vs St. Kilda (Adelaide)
  • Wstn Bulldogs vs Hawthorn (Etihad)
  • Melbourne vs Fremantle (Tio)
  • Nth Melbourne vs Gold Coast (Etihad)
  • Essendon vs Collingwood (MCG)
  • West Coast vs GWS Giants (Optus)

So, there you have it, my AFL Round 16 2018 Tips. The next thing on my agenda is to see what Ladbrokes is offering in the way of odds for the round 16.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 16

2018 AFL Round 16 Ladbrokes
Sydney 1.46
Geelong 2.75
Richmond 1.22
Adelaide Crows 4.50
Brisbane 1.41
Carlton 3.00
Port Adelaide 1.13
St. Kilda 6.25
Wstn. Bulldogs 2.85
Hawthorn 1.45
Melbourne 1.13
Fremantle 6.25
Nth. Melbourne 1.07
Gold Coast 8.50
Essendon 2.30
Collingwood 1.65
West Coast 1.55
GWS Giants 2.45
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Finally, after checking the odds against my tips, I need to work out what kind of bet/bets I’m going to place for this weeks round. After some contemplation, I’ve decided on a multi-bet. You can see my bet here. Over to you guys, what are your AFL Round 16 2018 Tips and are you going to place a bet this week?