AFL Round 1 2018 Tips

Yay, the 2018 AFL season has finally started, and it’s time for my AFL Round 1 2018 Tips. Last year I managed, with Fortuna’s help, to get 125 picks right.  Fortuna won’t be with us this year, so I’m going to try my best to beat last years score. So, let’s get stuck into my AFL Round 1 2018 Tips!

My AFL Round 1 2018 Tips

AFL Round 1 2018 Tips

  • Richmond vs Carlton (MCG)
  • Essendon vs Adelaide Crows (Etihad)
  • St. Kilda vs Brisbane (Etihad)
  • Port Adelaide vs Fremantle (Adelaide)
  • Gold Coast vs Nth. Melbourne (Cazalys)
  • Hawthorn vs Collingwood (MCG)
  • GWS Giants vs Western Bulldogs (Manuka)
  • Melbourne vs Geelong (MCG)
  • West Coast vs Sydney (Optus)

So now you have it, my AFL Round 1 2018 Tips! Now it’s time to see who’s offering the best odds for the AFL round 1 of the 2018 season!

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 1

2018 AFL Round 1 Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
Richmond 1.20 1.17 1.19
Carlton 4.75 5.25 5.00
Essendon 2.00 2.00 2.00
Adelaide Crows 1.81 1.82 1.85
St. Kilda 1.30 1.27 1.29
Brisbane 3.55 3.80 3.75
Port Adelaide 1.26 1.22 1.24
Fremantle 3.90 4.30 4.25
Gold Coast 1.81 1.82 1.88
North Melbourne 2.00 2.00 1.95
Hawthorn 1.83 1.84 1.88
Collingwood 2.00 1.98 1.95
GWS Giants 1.42 1.40 1.42
Western Bulldogs 2.90 3.00 2.95
Melbourne 1.90 1.92 1.92
Geelong 1.90 1.90 1.92
West Coast 3.00 3.05 3.05
Sydney 1.40 1.38 1.40
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Last year my particular style of multi-bets worked pretty well for me so I thought I might as well continue with it this year. If you’re new to this blog, what I like to do is to pick for or five games that I feel comfortable with and I place a dollar on each of those games. I then combine those games into a multi and put the remainder of the $10, whatever that is. That way, even if I lose the multi-bet, I still come up with some winnings thereby minimizing my loss.

This week I’ve decided to go with Ladbrokes because they’re offering the best odds for my picks. You can see my bet here.

Most importantly I’ve placed both my AFL and NRL tips in Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition.

If you’re thinking of going Sportsbet they’re “24 Up Is back“! The footy fan-favourite is back just in time for the season start. Go 24 points up in an AFL game, and we’ll pay you out early as a winner!

AFLW 2018 Round 7 Tips

It’s the last round before the final and time for my AFLW 2018 round 7 tips. I reckon I’ve all but given up on the perfect tipping round, but let’s see if I can crack it on this weeks AFLW 2018 round 7 tips!

Final Round AFLW 2018 Round 7 Tips

  • GWS Giants vs Brisbane Blacktown
  • Fremantle vs Carlton Fremantle Oval
  • Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne
  • Collingwood vs Adelaide Crows

So, there you have it, my AFLW 2018 round 7 tips.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW Round 7

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
GWS Giants Women’s 1.77 1..77 1.77
Brisbane Women’s 2.05 2.05 2.05
Fremantle Wommen’s 1.56 1.55 1.50
Carlton Women’s 2.45 2.45 2.60
Western Bulldogs Women’s 1.95 1.95 1.95
Melbourne Women’s 1.85 1.85 1.85
Collingwood Women’s 2.25 2.20 2.20
Adelaide Crows Women’s 1.65 1.65 1.67
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AFLW 2018 round 7 tipsEven though I haven’t got a single multi-pick right this AFLW season, I figured there’s only one week left so I may as well give it one last go. My biggest issue with my multi-picks is that I bomb out so bloody early it’s not worth using the cash-out feature.

The AFLW 2018 round 7 odds are pretty even this week, but Sportsbet is slightly ahead of the rest, so I’m going with Sportsbet this week. This is the first time I’ve used the Sportsbet Multi builder, and I have to admit, it makes placing a multi-bet pretty bloody easy.

As always I like to show my readers that I use the online sports betting sites that I write about and represent. You can see my bet over there on the left.

I’ve only put an $8 wager on this weeks bet, but the odds are pretty good this week so a win will return me just over seventy bucks. In case you’re wondering how to work out the odds on multi-pick this post will explain it to you.

I case you’re wondering how I came to my AFLW 2018 round 7 tips; I decided to flip a coin. Nothing else seems to be working so I figured what the heck!  😀

You may have noticed that lately, I’ve been pushing my YouTube, My Bonzer Channel. The reason for that is because YouTube has changed the rules for all YouTubers, which I mentioned in this post!

I’m hoping my YouTube Intro Video will entice people to subscribe. I’ve also hoping my short story video will encourage people to watch future short stories subscribing.

AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

With only three more rounds to go, it’s time for my AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips! As you can see from my AFLW Round 4 2018 Tips, I was just one shy of getting a perfect score. Something that I have yet to do. Where Melbourne was looking at being the favourites for the AFLW 2018 season things, have since changed and now it’s anyone’s premiership.

OK, so without further ado, here’s my hopefully lucky, AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips. AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

  • Melbourne vs Brisbane (Casey Fields)
  • Fremantle vs GWS Giants (Fremantle)
  • Adelaide Crows vs Carlton (Norwood)
  • Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs (Ted Summerton)

How I selected the AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

After Melbournes poor performance against Collingwood last week I just feel that they’re not up to beating Brisbane who’s has been performing well of late.

As for the Fremantle vs GWS Giants game, I’m tipping Fremantle because I reckon their six-day break and home advantage will be enough to get them over the line.

As for the Adelaide Crows, this game is a make or break it game for them! I’m hoping that with the home advantage they’ll have just enough in them to get them the win they need.

As for the last game, let’s face it, apart from last weeks game Collingwood has been playing pretty crappy. On the other hand, the Doggy’s are doing OK, and I reckon they’ll get the win.

Right, now let’s have a look at who’s offering the best odds.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW Round 5

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
Melbourne Women’s 1.67 1.70 1.67
Brisbane Women’s 2.21 2.10 2.20
Fremantle Women’s 1.66 1.70 1.67
GWS Giants Women’s 2.23 2.10 2.20
Adelaide Crows Women’s 1.43 1.45 1.44
Carlton Women’s 2.86 2.70 2.75
Collingwood Women’s 3.01 2.90 2.90
Western Bulldogs Women’s 1.39 1.40 1.40
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Last week I found out that William Hill did not have a cash-out feature in their multi-bet so I’m giving them a miss. This week Ladbrokes have the best odds for 2018 AFLW round five 2018, so they’re getting my money. Besides, this will be a great way to see if they offer the cash-out feature on their multi-bet.

AFLW Round 5 2018 Tips

You can see my Ladbrokes multi-bet in the image above. You’ll also notice their ODDS BOOST feature that boosted my odds even more. I’ll be working this weekend, so hopefully, I’ll be able to check the results on my app so I can pull my money out if I need it.