Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Australian Sports Betting SitesProbably the most asked question I get is “What are the best Australian sports betting sites. I get asked this because they know I have this blog and because they know I actually test the majority of the sports betting sites that I write about.

Choosing the best Australian sports betting sites is pretty relative though because everybody has different tastes. It’s still an important question though for prospective punters because it’s such an important step in their online punting success.

While some Australian sports betting sites may offer the best odds they may not offer a great sports betting market. Others sports betting sites may have a bigger sports betting market to choose from but they don’t offer the best odds.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, and have followed my online bets, you would have noticed that the Australian sports betting sites that I recommend all have a huge amount of betting options/markets and offer great odds. Not only that they also occasionally offer great promotions like money back guarantees.

I Personally Use The Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

Unlike other sites that recommend sports betting sites I actually use the sports betting sites that I recommend. You can see this is my Bet Of The Week posts, a lot of which contain actual screen shots of my bets. Many also show the odds from my top 3 online sports betting sites, William Hill, Bet365 and SportsBet.

When choosing from the best Australian Sports Betting sites I always make sure that have great apps. The reason for that is that apps make placing a sports bet online so much easier. My post the Best Sports Betting App, shows which of all the apps I use is the best one and why I gave that view.

I always recommend to join more than one online sports betting site. Advantages of doing this include…

  • Getting the best of the sports betting deals they occasionally offer like the $700 FreeBet (not available in some states)
  • Always getting the best odds available by playing one Australian sports betting site against another
  • Always being able to place a bet. You never know when one of them goes offline because of maintenance or something and if that ever does happen you’ll still be able to place your bet by suing one of the other of the best Australian Sports Betting Sites.

Fortuna Week 2 AFL Finals Tips 2015

Excitement is mounting as we head into week 2 of the AFL finals for 2015. Even though thousands of Crows will be heading over to Melbourne to watch the Hawthorn vs Crows battle at the MCG the Friday night game. Even so I reckon there will still be a lot of people playing hooky from work on that day.  😉

The other big game of the week is between Sydney and Nth Melbourne which will be held at the ANZ stadium.

Before having a look at Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips I reckon we should check out my top three online sports betting sites that I recommend for your Week 2 AFL Finals bets.

Top Three Online Sports Betting Sites For AFL Finals

  1. I recommend Bet365 for their ease of use and because of their unique sliding scale feature for cashing out. The sliding cash out feature allows you to choose how much you want to cash out which is great when you’re not sure whether or not you want to cash out at all.
  2. Sportsbet is a favourite of many Aussie. They also have a cash out feature. Sportsbet offer a lot of sports betting deals and is home to the ever popular Million Dollar Tipping competition. This post shows how you can actually win as long as you get the closest margin!
  3. Formally SportingBet now William Hill is one of the most renowned online sports betting sites. I’m just hanging out for the day they introduce a cash out feature.

I’m a member of all three online sports betting sites and use them regularly for placing my sports bets online.

OK, now that you know who to use to place your sports bets online securely and safely lets check out Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips.

Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals Tips

Fortuna Week 2 AFL Finals tips

  • Sydney vs Nth. Melbourne
  • Hawthorn vs Adelaide

I don’t know about you but it looks to me as if Fortuna’s playing it safe with her Week 2 AFL Finals tips! Let’s have a look at those odds offered by my favourite online sports betting sites.

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AFL Teams

Nth. Melbourne





William Hill



I’m going against Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips and I’m going with my heart and putting my money on the Crows to win. That being the case I’ve once again gone with Sportsbet for two reasons. The first is because they’re offering the best odds. The second is because they’re still running their special offer where as long as the Crows are leading in any one of the four quarters, up to $100, I will get my money back if they end up losing. That’s pretty bloody good if you ask me.

As always you can see proof of my online sports bet here.

I’ve also placed a $1 multi-bet with Bet365 and this time I did follow Fprtuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips. Sure it will only return $2.08, but that’s still better than a 100% return.  :drunk:

Over to you guys. How do you think week two of the AFL Finals will play out.

Getting Your Best Odds On Your Sports Bets

Getting Your Best Odds Is Important

I would say that most of the best punters have one thing in common. They believe in getting the best odds on their sports bets. Naturally the only way they can be assured of getting the best odds is by joining more than one online sports betting site! All good punters should be comparing the odds offered by the relative bookies. That’s why you should try getting your best odds!

If you’re not comparing odds you could be costing yourself money. Getting better odds means bigger winnings which means more money in your pocket! Heck, it’s hard enough getting a win these days why wouldn’t you want to increase your winnings when they do come in?

Joining Online Sports Betting

Joining online sports betting sites is easy. Better yet it’s absolutely free so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of getting your best odds by joining more than one online bookie? Joining more than one online bookie allows you to take advantage of whatever bonus they’re offering for new members. Unfortunately for Aussies these bonuses may not be available depending on where you live. I spoke about this on my Sports Betting Nanny State post. Check out some of the deals of the following recommended online sports betting sites.

Getting The Best Odds On Your Sports BetsSportingbet is one of the first online betting sites that I joined. One of the main reasons for joining Sportingbet was because it was owned by William Hill one of England’s most renowned bookies. I wrote about them here. Actually I tried to join them first, being so impressed with them as a sports betting company, but couldn’t being an Aussie and all. 

They lead me to Sportingbet and I am so glad that they did. When joining any online betting site I always make sure that they have a sports betting app. This is essential as it makes placing a bet online so much easier. No matter where I am using my app I can place a bet online with ease.

Another thing I liked about Sportsbet is that they accepted PayPal. Since then I’ve joined Neteller and now, while still a positive, it’s not as important. I did a post on how Neteller was a great secure sports betting service.

Bet365 was the second online bookie that I joined. If you open an account with bet365, deposit $20 or more and you will qualify for a 100% matched amount as a bonus to bet with up to a maximum of $200. I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of this offer. Unfortunately that offer is no longer available to South Australian residents. That Nanny State post I mentioned above mentions all the other states who can’t take advantage of the offer. Man, I hate it when the Government takes it upon themselves to make up these stupid rules. I’m going to join whether or not there is an offer available so what’s the point?

See my Bet365 page for more more about this online betting agency.


Getting Your Best OddsSportsbet is another popular Aussie online sports betting site. You’ve probably seen one of their commercials, some which are quite amusing, that show just how easy it is to place a a bet online using their app?

Apart from the $150 match bet offer Sportsbet has a lot of other products that it offers it’s members. I wrote about them in my Great Sportsbet Products post.

When looking for a sports betting site to join one of the most important factors is age. The longer they’ve been around the better. Shonky sites just don’t last long. Sportsbet has been around since 1993 making it Australia’s oldest licensed bookmaker.

Just a quick note, the Sportsbet offer was valid as of writing this post. It may have changed since then.

If you need more help selecting which sports betting sites to join, why not let Fortuna, our very own Lady Luck help you pick them.

I just put a little video together highlighting 4 great reasons for joining more than one online betting site. Of course the main one would be so you’re ensure of getting your best odds when placing a bet online. 😉