Betting On The AFL Finals

Before I get onto betting on the AFL finals I would like to quickly go over last weeks bet of the week. You’ll notice that both of the bets I placed that week were actually losing bets.I didn’t really think that Fremantle would beat Sydney but I felt they had a slim chance and the odds offered by bet365 was a lot better than placing a bet on Sydney. In hindsight though a small win is better than none at all. There’s a betting lesson to learn. Don’t place you bet on a particular team just because the odds are better. Only do so if you think they have a good chance of winning.

That comes to my second bet. My main bet was on the Richmond vs Port Power game. I honestly thought that Richmond had a good chance of winning. Man, what a farce that game was. It was all Port Power. It was like Richmond wasn’t even there. They certainly did not seem to be trying to win that game at all. Out of all the bets I’ve placed online that one was the only one that I consider to be a total waste. The whole game for me was an utter disappointment. One that not even the online wager could make better. Still, that’s life and you have to expect disappointment every now and again.

Best Online Sports Betting On The AFL Finals

Betting On The AFL FinalsAs you know I have now joined three of what I believe to be the best online sports betting sites.

All three offer great sports betting apps that allow you to place a bet online on your favourite sport with ease. The image above shows the odds available from each of the online sports betting sites. The first screenshot is from Sportingbet, the middle one is bet365 and the last one on the right Sportsbet!

Which one is the best online sports betting site for betting on the AFL Finals? Honestly, you could ask 10 different people and they would all give you different opinions on which is their favourite for betting on the AFL finals. I’ve mentioned before how I think it’s smart to join more than one online sports betting site. The most important reason for doing this is if one of the online sports betting site is down, which happened to me the other week, you’re not left hanging. I simply used one of the other online betting site that I’m a member of.

The other reason for having multiple online betting sites membership is so that you can get the best odds that are on offer.

Which is my favourite one? That changes week to week. I’m all for getting the best odds available so whoever is offering the best odds, that’s my favourite for betting on the AFL finals, or for any sport for that matter.

This week my best online sports betting site for betting on the AFL Finals is Sportsbet because they’re offering the best odds on Sydney to win the flag. I’m getting in early because those odds may be a lot lower next week.