How Much To Bet On A Sports Bet

How Much To Bet?

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who want to know how much to bet on any given sport. For me betting on sports is more for fun than anything else. If I win it’s all good but if I lose I’m not too fussed as win or lose, it added to the thrill of the game. Whether you bet for fun or profit you should always remember to gamble responsibly! Therefore you should never gamble more than you can afford.

I know that I’m never going to become rich with the amount that I wager on sports but then I also know I’m not going to go broke and how much to betthat it won’t hamper my lifestyle or threaten the way my family lives. If you’re thinking of getting into serious betting you should remember that the odds always favour the bookie. It’s not often that the bookies have a bad day which is probably why the day bookies lost £25 million. This is a rarity.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I allow myself $40 for the month. You may want to set a bigger budget for yourself. As long as you don’t exceed that budget you will never get into trouble financially. Remember my betting strategy is all about the entertainment value of the bet. If I wanted to take a more serious betting stance I would have to raise my betting pool. So how do I do that without blowing my gambling budget?

After thinking about this I thought the best way to do it would be to multiply my $40 monthly budget by 12. This gives me a yearly budget of $480. I reckon I would add another twenty bucks to that to make it an even $500. This will give me more money for my online sports betting. I would deposit $500 into one of my favourite online betting agencies, either bet365 or Sportingbet, taking note of the time of the deposit so as to give myself a year before the next deposit.

So now I have more betting money for my bets meaning I can place larger bets but how do I manage this to make it last as long as possible. Again, how much to bet on any one game? What if I only allow myself a percentage for each bet? Lets say 5%. That means I can place $25 on my first bet. If I lose I’m left with $475 so for my next bet I’m allowed to bet $23.75 (475×5%). However, let’s say that my first bet paid off and it paid 2.6 (my England vs Italy World Cup Wager) winning me $65! That lifts my betting pool to $540 ($475 + $65) This means I have now have $27 available for my next bet.

Of course, you may be interested in a way to increase your betting bankroll by becoming a new member of one of the following.

  • Sportingbet $500 Free Bet: If you meet the right criteria Sportingbet will match your deposit up to $500 giving you a $1000 bankroll doubling the size of your wagers.
  • bet365: Already a member of Sportingbet? The why not join bet365 who will match your deposit up to the value of $200!
  • Tomwaterhouse: Not as good a deal as the other two but they will match your first bet up to the value of $250.

Keep in mind that being a member of more than one online betting agency has certain advantages. Like taking advantage of any special deals they’re offering or checking who is offering the better odds and placing a wager with them. Also if one is down for whatever reason you can fall back on the other one to place a bet.

As long as I don’t lose consistently I should be able to make my budget last the year and with some luck I may even have some left over which will add to next years gambling budget. What do you think of that idea? This could well be your next sports betting strategy,