Betting On Twenty20


Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve placed a sports bet. It’s not really my fault though because there’s not really anything on that interests me enough to place a bet on it. Too bad none of the sports betting sites have a bet going on Who is the hottest sports babe? Now that is something that I would love to place a bet on.

Too bad I’m not making enough money on this site. If I did I would have my own little competition. I could use either of the two polls I’m running at the moment as a basis for the competition.

Of course I would also need a lot more traffic and participation in the polls for that ever to happen. Who knows, maybe one day.  :dreaming:

Still, I feel like placing a bet today so I asked Fortuna, our Lady Luck, as to whether or not I should be placing a sports bet. Fortuna pointed to Tom Waterhouse. Not being a member means I shouldn’t be placing a bet and I really should listen to Fortuna because she’s been right more often than not. Like I said though, I have this urge to place a bet and so that’s what I did.

Betting On Twenty20 With Sportsbet

I tried Bet365 first but they only had the option to place a bet on the up and coming T20 match. I then tried Sportsbet and they had so much more to offer.Sportingbet had more options but didn’t offer a ‘futures’ section which Sportsbet did. So I went with Sportsbet. First thing I did was check out the current ladder, which I got from the Bigbash website.

Bigbash Twenty20 League Ladder


Being a South Aussie I have a bit of a soft spot for the Adelaide Strikers. They have been playing well too and so I decided to back them. Betting on Twenty20 with Sportsbet was a cinch! I opened the Sportsbet app. Clicked on then the Big Bash Icon and then on the Futures/Outrights tab.Then on the Big Bash League 2015 Outright  Betting link. I then clicked on the Adelaide Strikers and entered my wager. See, I told you betting on Twenty20 would be easy. Especially with Sportsbet!

betting on twenty20 with sportsbet


The left side of the image above shows the odds for the Big Bash Twenty20 at the time I placed my bet.The right hand side shows my actual bet on the Adelaide Strikers. A win would net me forty bucks which would be really cool. :thumb_up: Man, now I’m really looking forward to those Big Bash Twenty20 games!

You see, it’s like I’ve said many times before. The difference between this site and all the others is I actually place bets with the sites I recommend. I don’t just talk the talk I actually walk the walk.  😉