Interesting Sports Betting News

I’ve always found sports betting news of interest but truly interesting sports betting news is pretty hard to find. For today’s post I’ve managed to source what I believe to be a few interesting sports betting news.

Interesting Sports Betting News – $2.5 Million Winning Bet

Interesting sports betting newsI reckon this first bit of interesting sports betting news is of the utmost importance, especially to new punters! It’s about this bloke that won $2.5 million dollars on a single bet. He did this in 2015 by betting a $100,000 on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. He did this by placing the bet at the beginning of the season when the “odds were 30-1 and bet it all the way down to 8-1, as the Royals hadn’t won a World Series in 30 years. Declining opportunities to cash out and make a guaranteed $750,000, Vegas Dave showed his faith in the MLB team by letting the bet ride.”

Apparently ‘Vegas Dave’ has had an up and down gambling career, weathering devastating losses, including a two month stint in Gamblers Anonymous.

I’m stressing this post so that other punters don’t try to duplicate his remarkable win. Unless they have millions that is and can afford to lose a measly $100,000.

Remember not all that long ago when some crazy bloke bet $370,000 on Sydney to beat the Doggies in this years grand final. I sure hope he could afford to lose that bet! :nono:

Remember the golden rule of gambling, if you can’t afford to lose it don’t place the bet!

Banning Sports Betting Ads On TV

I kid you not, England wants to ban sports betting as well as bingo and lottery ads on daytime TV. Why? Because, among other things, “It is feared the rise exposes children and gambling addicts to temptation.” They’re talking about the rise of these ads over the last few years.

Personally, I can’t see how these ads would affect young kids. Also, wouldn’t they be better off banning them in the evening as most kids going to school during the day?

Besides, if you’re a problem gambler I’d say that whether or not they remove these ads isn’t going to do much good.

Sports Betting Losses On The Rise In Australia

Who knows, the Aussie government may go the same route when you consider sports betting losses are on the rise. One expert has “attributed the growth to advertising campaigns and the advent of smart phones.”

I can believe the smart phone angle. I love the ease of placing a bet online using a smartphone. I don’t think that I actually place more bets online because of it.

Online Sports Betting Can Be A Problem

Finally, I feel so strongly about responsible gambling that I want to highlight that for certain people online sports betting can be a problem. If you seem to be exhibiting any of the problem gambling symptoms of this young Aussie then you should consider seeking help.

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