Sports Betting Budget To Keep You Out Of Trouble

I mentioned having a sports betting budget in a few of my posts. I’ve even mentioned how Bet365 has a great feature which helps you to maintain your sports betting budget. That post was simply called Bet365. It spoke of a great little feature that bet365 offers it’s members. As a member you can specify how much money you’re allowed to deposit per week. So if you have a $40 per month sports betting budget you just set it for $10 a week.

A Sports Betting Budget Is Important

A sports betting budget is important for all responsible gamblers. Not having one could get you into strife. The sort of strife I talked about in my problem gamblers post. Remember, when placing any sports bet you never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is very important, Doing otherwise will only wreck your favourite sports telecast rather than enhance it. Having a sports betting budget will ensure you never make that mistake. You can blow the whole budget on bet if you think it’s a sure thing. But, if you lose you have to wait until your next budget period kicks in.

sports betting budgetA sports better must never, ever put his livelihood or his family’s livelihood at risk by betting more than he can afford to lose. When your budget is spread so thin that you can’t afford to to have a sports betting budget there is only two things you can do. The first it you simply do not place a bet until your financial situation changes. The second is to change your financial situation by finding enough savings to have a small sports betting budget.

When finding savings, a responsible gambler would not look at any cost cuttings that would affect his loved ones. Any savings should only come from cost cutting measures that affect him alone. So, what savings measure are open to you.

  • Smokers can easily find the most savings. Simply cutting back on one carton of smokes a week can easily support a nice sports betting budget. Cut back by more than a pack a week and you find even more saving. Quit altogether and you will never look back. Not only will you have your sports betting budget you’ll also improve your health and pay your mortgage off a lot quicker. Your family will thank you for it.
  • Lunches: If you’re one to buy your lunch at work, taking a cut lunch with you a few times week will easily save you enough money, with some to spare.
  • Doing your own home maintenance can also save a lot of cash. Fix those leaking taps yourself instead of calling a plumber. Cut your own lawns and maintain your gardens instead of paying someone else to do it.

Most of these measures, well maybe not so much the last one, will have an instant money saving effect. There are other measures that may save money over time but I’m not sure I’d want to wait that long. Having said that you should always strive to save money whenever you can because that extra cash can always be used as savings for those times when an emergency comes your way.

Can you think of any other cost savings measure that you could use.