AFLW Round 6 2018 Tips

We’re down to two more rounds in the 2018 AFLW season, and I’m still looking for that perfect round. I’ve had a few close calls, but that’s not good enough as far as I’m concerned. Oh well, let’s have a look at my AFLW Round 6 2018 Tips!

AFLW Round 6 2018 Tips A Perfect Round?

  • Adelaide Crows vs Fremantle (Tio Oval)
  • Brisbane vs Collingwood (Sports Complex)
  • GWS Giants vs Western Bulldogs (UNSW Canberra)
  • Carlton vs Melbourne (Ikon Park)

I have no particular reason for this week’s tips. I figured what the hell, analysing the matchups does not seem to be helping me, and so I may as well go with my gut feeling. Let’s see how that plays out, shall we? :dreaming:

Right, now let’s have a look at who’s offering the best odds.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW Round 6

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
Adelaide Women’s 1.26 1..33 1.30
Fremantle Women’s 3.90 3.25 3.50
Brisbane Wommen’s 1.31 1.30 1.30
Collingwood Women’s 3.50 3.40 3.50
GWS Giants Women’s 2.81 2.35 2.60
Western Bulldogs Women’s 1.44 1.57 1.50
Carlton Women’s 3.16 2.90 2.75
Melbourne Women’s 1.37 1.40 1.44
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AFLW Round 6 2018 TipsI said in the previous post that I wasn’t going to do a multi-pick this week. But I figured, what the heck, I’ve gone this far, what’s another week?

This week I’ve decided to go with Ladbrokes again. William Hill is out because they don’t have a cash out feature with the multis. Sportsbet is out because Ladbrokes has better odds so Ladbrokes it is.

As always I like to show my readers that I use the online sports betting sites that I write about and represent. You can see my bet over there on the left.

I’ve gone all out this week and put a whole ten bucks on my multi bet pick. You’ll notice two things from my pending bets. The first is I used the “Boost” feature offered my Ladbrokes which boosted my odds and therefore my potential winnings.

The second is that Ladbrokes offers Cash Out which I feel is very important.

On another matter, I’ve produced my YouTube Intro Video to let folk know what my channel is all about. Hopefully, that will encourage some YouTubers to subscribe. I’ve also recently uploaded my 100th video which I think is pretty good. It’s about Australia’s remarkable trees accompanied by a short story.

2018 AFLW Round 4 Results

As far as the 2018 AFLW Round 4 Results, at least it was better than the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results.

2018 AFLW Round 4 Results Still Not Perfect

2018 AFLW Round 4 Results

As you can see, I still haven’t got the perfect result, but what pissed me off is my William Hill sports bet! I went in to cash out my multi-bet only to find the cash-out option didn’t exist. WTF!  :pull_hair: Oh well, at least I know not to use William Hill for future multi-bets.

2018 AFLW Round 4 Scores

  • Western Bulldogs 12.14 86 – Carlton 2.1 13
  • Brisbane 3.4 22 – Fremantle 2.3 15
  • Melbourne 3.6 24– Collingwood 9.4 58
  • GWS Giants 2.7 19 – Adelaide Crows 2.7 19

For me, two games stood out above the rest. The first one was the Western Bulldogs vs Carlton game. While I expected the Doggies to win that game I didn’t expect them to do it in such a spectacular fashion. Not to put a downer on what was brilliant game as far as the doggies were concerned one has to wonder if Carlton even bothered to show up for the game. Perhaps if they decided to attack instead of playing such a defensive game, their scoring shots wouldn’t be so demoralizing!

The other game of note has to be the Melbourne vs Collingwood game. This game should have been all Melbourne, being premiership favourites and all, but it just goes to show how unpredictable these games are. The unpredictability of sports betting is why I’m always pushing responsible gambling.

So, why did Collingwood win that particular game? Was it because Melbourne was too complacent and Collingwood’s considerable was enough to turn the tide. If true then let that be a lesson to both leagues, male and female, that they should always approach all games with all guns blazing!

You may notice that I called the Crows vs Giants game a win even though it was a draw. I figured if the online sports betting sites were happy with that call then who am I to argue?


AFL Round 3 2017 Tips

Before we get into the AFL round 3 2017 tips lets recap quickly round 2. Round 2 of the AFL 2017 season was a ripper week of football. Unlike round 1 it was almost upset free. Fortuna scored 8 out of the nine right getting the Richmond vs Collingwood game wrong. I wouldn’t call that game an upset, although I’m sure most punters who backed Collingwood would have found it upsetting :tongue_out: Luckily I accidentally backed Richmond in my multi-bet which makes it two winning bets in a row in this years AFL season. :clap2:

Fortuna’s AFL Round 3 2017 Tips

  • Sydney vs Collingwood (SCG)AFL Round 3 2017 Tips Fortuna
  • North Melbourne vs GWS Giants (Blundstone)
  • Richmond vs West Coast (MCG)
  • Geelong vs Melbourne (Etihad)
  • Port Power vs Adelaide Crows (Adelaide)
  • Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs (Domain)
  • St. Kilda vs Brisbane (Domain)
  • Carlton vs Essendon (MCG)
  • Gold Coast vs Hawthorn (Metricon)

Once you have your AFL Round 3 2017 Tips in hand you shouldn’t run off and place a bet until you check out who’s offering the best AFL odds. Naturally it makes no sense to do that unless you’ve been smart enough to join, as I have, more than one online sports betting sites. My favourite 3 are Sportsbet, William Hill and Bet365. Apart for getting the best odds available I also can take part in whatever promotion they’re offering. :tup:

OK, time to check out who’s offering the best footy odds for the AFL Round 3 2017 tips.

AFL Teams

Nth. Melbourne
GWS Giants
West Coast
Port Power
Adelaide Crows
Western Bulldogs
St. Kilda
Gold Coast





William Hill


I’ve decided to go with Bet365 this week because they’re offering the best odds my multi-bet. Yep, I’m placing another multi AFL Round 3 2017 Bet365 Multibecause they pay out the most for a win. Sure it’s a little harder to pick four winners but on the plus side I have the added thrill of watching those games I have money on.

I’ve decided that this year I would go for for 4 legs in my multi whereas last year I went for five. I figured because I lost out last year by only one leg a 4 leg multi will be heaps more profitable. Like Sportsbet Bet365 also offers Cash Out which I reckon is a great feature. Last Time I used the Bet365 cash out I noticed they had a sliding scale. Hope that’s still the case.

You can see proof of my bet over there on the right. I do this to show everybody, that unlike a lot of other sites that merely talk about betting, I actually step up to the plate and place my bets.

I’m also all about responsible gambling because gambling responsibly is so important. This is why I never bet more than $10 a week. That is of course unless I’ve already won a bet and I feel like another little flutter but even then it’s never more than ten bucks.

Something else I love to do is to have a go at the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition. This competition is absolutely free to all Sportsbet members and is absolutely free to join. The best thing about it is that you can win $5,000 every week if you get all your tips right. Oh, you also have to guess the winning margin of the last match. 😎

Even though I have no idea about the NRL, I also place my tips there just for another chance at another $5,000!

Honestly, if you haven’t joined Sportsbet you should seriously consider doing so. Join Now!

So, who are you backing in this weeks AFL?