World Cup News

World Cup News Australia

Tomorrow will be the big game where the Socceroos will try their best to send the Spaniards home winless. I hope the Aussies win World Cup Newsand not just because I put my money on them, as I wrote in my last bet of the week post. Check that post to see exactly how I backed them. See what has to say about this very important game.

World Cup News USA

While over in the US of A the Yanks are talking up their next game against Portugal. CBSNews reckons Team USA faces dangerous opponent in Next World Cup game. According to one fan, Frank Lugten, “The United States will wipe the floor with Portugal, I’m pretty sure.” Well, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of confidence I always say. For his sake they better win otherwise he’ll be eating some crow.

World Cup News England

Looks like England will be exiting the World Cup soon as well. According to this report from the BBC some players had tried to skip their English duty. This was something that Harry Redknapp had quite a bit to say BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportweek. According to Harry England doesn’t have a prayer in winning the World Cup in Doha in 2022. Seems weird that they skipped the 2018 World Cup altogether.

World Cup News Italy

I know of a few people who are saying that Italy threw their game against Costa Rica knowing that their loss would force England out of the World Cup. Personally I believe this is a whole lot of BS because if they lose against Uruguay they”ll be out of the World Cup as well.

According to the theguardian Italy is considering calling up Ciro Immobile to face Uruguay.

Here’s another interesting link for you, one about the importance of soccer training.

Well, there is a little taste of some of the World Cup news happening around the globe. If you have anything to contribute feel free to leave a comment.