Interesting World Sports News

Red Ferrari 458 Italia

I thought I would take a look around to see what’s interesting the worlds sports news. I cam across some really interesting topics too. You see, that’s what I’m all about, making things easier for you my readers. Whether its trolling the web for interesting news, finding the best sports betting sites or entertaining you with sports jokes and hot sports babes.

World Sports News

The first interesting world sports news I came across has to do with what happens when a guys testosterone takes over during a game. We’ve all seen those punch-ups that sometimes occur during a game, heck some of us think it ads a bit of excitement. It is frowned upon though as these guys are meant to set an example to the young sports fans and letting fists fly is not a good example. have come up with a really interesting video portraying the ugliest punches that have taken place in the NRL over the last few years. This was instigated by Ben Flower’s attack on Lance Hoaia.

Youngest Qualifying European Football Player

World Sports News Martin Odegaard

Next piece od world sports news takes place in Europe. For all you Aussie Football fans this CNN article is actually about soccer. It refers to Martin Odegaard a 15 year old Norwegian. Read about Martins latest milestones and why scouts from all over Europe are interested in him.

World Sports News Ferrari Back In Adelaide


I have to admit we were pretty pissed when Victoria pinched the F1 Grand Prix way back in 1996. I went to an Adelaide Grand Prix and I also went to a Victorian one and biased I may be but Adelaide did it better.  :tongue_out: Shit, I couldn’t believe when everything was done and dusted once the race was over in Victoria and everyone was leaving to go home. No concert, WTF!

It’s good to see that the 2015 Clipsal will be featuring The Asia Pacific Ferrari Challenge! Maybe not the Formula 1 Ferraris but I’m sure Ferrari fans will love to see the Ferrari 458 (pictured in the image above) racing around Adelaide’s street circuit. With a top speed of 325 km/h and being able to accelerate from 0-100 km/hr in just 3.3 seconds it’s going to give Ferrari enthusiasts a real thrill.

What have you come across in world sport news that you found to be particularly interesting?