Top 10 World Of Weird Sports

People love sports, that’s a known fact. Thing is there are sports fanatics out there whose love for sports tend to get a little weird. I decided to take a look at some of the weird sports out there and have come up with the top 10 world of weird sports.

Weird Sport Global Top 10

#1 International Wife Carrying Competition

When most blokes tell you that they carry their wives in their relationship they’re talking figuratively. Did you know though that there actually is an International Wife Carrying Competition? It even has its own rules. God forbid that you drop your wife during the race! Not only do you have to pick her up again, “he has to lift her on to his back or in his arms and continue carrying”, but there’s probably going to be hell to pay for dropping her when you get home. Unless you win the race of course. :tongue_out:

weird sports of wife carrying

The weird sports of wife carrying, or Eukonkanto, first originated in Finland but is becoming popular in other parts of the world. Perhaps its because on of the rules states it doesn’t actually have to be your own wife.  :drunk: We even have one in Australia.

#2 Weird World Of Sports Mud Olympics