New Crows Coach Is Phil Walsh?

Phil Walsh The New Crows Coach

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I can’t believe that the new Crows coach is Phil Walsh. Phil Walsh has been the assistant coach for several years and clubs, including Port Adelaide and West Coast. He wasn’t even included in the possible new Crows coach in my Who Will Coach The Crows? post. To think that they got rid of Brenton Sanderson for an assistant coach!

If you remember Brenton Sanderson was an assistant coach when he came to Adelaide. Now that he is getting it together that decide to give him the flick and take on another assistant coach from Port Power! Really? And how long are they going to persist with him before they give him the flick? Surely they don’t expect him to turn the Crows around in the first season? Don’t the Adelaide Crows and their fans deserve better than that?

I have to admit that after reading the Herald Sun article on our new Crows coach it almost had me believing that Phil Walsh is actually the man for the job. He sure sounds confident and he is definitely happy to have acquired the position as the new Crows coach thanking the board “for their belief and trust in endorsing me as the senior coach of this club”

The article then goes to say, “I suppose I took myself out of my own journey and thought, anyone who’s done what I’ve done probably deserves to be a senior coach.

“I’m 54 years old and it’s probably not going to come around again. I tell my kids to chase their dreams, so I probably don’t want to look back at 70 years old and think what might have been. So here I am.’’

So, there is this bloke who is 54 years old and has never held a senior coaching position in his life. He’s now grabbed what is probably his only chance of ever becoming a senior coach. The question is does he have what it takes to take the Crows to the finals?

After the way the Crows had treated Sanderson he at least knows what will happen if he doesn’t perform. Perhaps that and his determination to succeed is just what the club needs. the question is will the players relate to him? Will he be able to transform them to a winning team? What do you think? Is Phil Walsh the right coach for the Crows?

Is Phil Walsh The Right Coach For The Crows

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I voted no. I still think they should have given Sanderson another year.

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Who Will Coach The Crows In 2015

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Who Will Coach The Crows?

I said in a previous post that it was a mistake to sack Brenton Sanderson. Until they find someone to coach the Crows the club is pretty much in the lurch. For awhile there hopes were running really high when rumours were about of the Crows securing Alastair Clarkson to coach the Crows. Shit, if that turned out to be true I would have almost felt placated at Brenton Sanderson’s sacking. As unfair as it was,

The Age as an interesting article of AFL coaching contenders for the Adelaide Crows. They include, Stuart Dew, Brendon Bolton, Brett Ratten, Mark Bickley, Scott Burns, Leigh Tudor, Peter Sumich and a couple of others. Brett Ratten seems to be the only one with any senior coaching experience. Apparently he had a 51% winning record at Carlton. Shit, that no where good enough as far as I’m concerned. Out of the 22 games this year Sanderson won 11. That’s a 50% win ration by my reckoning so Brett Ratten isn’t offering much better.

Out of that bunch I personally would like Mark Bickley. He at least has ties with the club and you’d hope the players would find him more accepting.

The ABC had Crows denying rumours of hiring Alastair Clarkson. Yes Adelaide would love to hire an experienced coach but their availability seems to be as rare as hens teeth for the 2015 season. Perhaps the sacking of Brenton Sanderson was slightly immature after all.

According to the ABC article, “The Crows have formed a four-member panel for the initial phase of their search for their next coach – football operations manager David Noble, development coach Alan Stewart and board members Mark Ricciuto and Andrew Payze.” I reckon Ricciuto will be trying his best to secure a good coach for the crows seeing as how he probably had a big influence in Sanderson’s sacking.

All I can say is it would have been nice for a qualified coach was around to help in drafts picks and the like. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for the 2015 pick though.  :thumb_down:

Who would you like to coach the Crows in 2015?


Brenton Sanderson Sacked! A Crow Fan Perspective

Brenton Sanderson sacked! You have to be kidding me. I couldn’t believe it when I found out they sacked Brenton Sanderson. Sure, the Crows haven’t been performing well but I felt they were getting better. Personally I don’t believe they gave Sanderson a fair go. The least they could do was let him finish his contract. Who knows, maybe next year would have been the year that Sanderson got the Crows to the grand final. Now we’ll never know.

When you think about it the Crows were Sanderson’s first team as a coach. I don’t think anyone would argue that the Crows Sanderson inherited was a struggling team. He also had to put up with the Kurt Tippet saga which I’m sure hurt the Crows more than anyone will admit.

I admit that I don’t know all the ins and outs of what it is to be a good coach. I’m also not privy to all the information the Crows board has available to them. I’m just worried about them sacking Sanderson without any warning whatever. It just doesn’t seem fair. One would have thought that it would be so much more productive to sit down with him first. Work out the negatives and positives to this season. That last showdown being a great positive.

Who knows, maybe sitting around the boardroom table they would have been able to come up with a winning plan. One that would have gotten the Crows into finals contention.

Now what do we have. Not a damn thing. You would have thought they would have secured another coach before sacking the one that we had. Who knows who will be the Crows next coach. How much experience will he have? Will the players take to him. I bloody well hope so. The last thing we want is a coach the players aren’t happy with. There certainly won’t be any joy there for Crows fans.

Sanderson Not A Happy Man

Sanderson sacked

Hopefully none of our key players will decide to desert after hearing that Sanderson was sacked. I’m sure some of the players won’t be happy with the way he was turfed out.

Who do you think the Crows will secure for their latest coach? Who would you like to coach the Crows next year? Just leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.