Demons Were Robbed In Port Power Melbourne Clash

Yeah, you heard it right ! say the Demons were robbed in Sunday’s match against Port Power. It’s not just because I put money on them either, as I wrote in my last post. I didn’t get to watch the game because I had to work. Regardless I snuck a peek every now and again at my iPhone and imagine my excitement when Melbourne pulled away from Port Power. Excitement that was only there because I placed a bet on that game. If it wasn’t for the wager I wouldn’t have given a toss what the result of the game was,

Why The Demons Were Robbed

I didn’t find out that the Demons were robbed until I got home and spoke to my son Frank. Frank had also placed $5 on WATTS Jack Demons were RobbedMelbourne to win, only he used Sportingbet whereas I used bet365. Frank also admitted that having a bet on the game did make it a lot more exiting to watch.

Anyway, Frank told me that the Demons were robbed in final stages of the third quarter. He reckons that mere seconds before the three-quarter-time Port Power were given a free kick which resulted in them scoring a goal. If it wasn’t for that goal the Demons would have won and I would have had a winning bet rather than a losing one.

If you watch the replay in the video below you’ll see that Jack Watts clearly punched the ball first in a marking contest against Port’s Chad Wingard. The Demons were robbed because Jack Watts was penalised for high contact. Son the stupid umpires awarded Wingard the free from which he kicked that damning goal. A goal that gave Port the lead and cost the Demons the game..

Round 18 AFL Showing Demons Were Robbed in 3rd Quarter

So, what do you think? Were the Demons Robbed? Leave a comment if you’d like to have your say.

AFL Clash Melbourne vs Port Power

I wasn’t going to post a bet of the week this week because I couldn’t really find a sport that I wanted to place a bet on. The World Cup is over, I’m not really into darts so the World Matchplay 2014 was out. The Adelaide Crows are having a bye this week so I wasn’t really thinking about placing a bet on the AFL. That was until I saw the odds on the AFL clash between Melbourne and Port Power.

AFL Clash Bet Of The Week Because Of Great Odds

Normally the only time I watch Port Power play is if they’re playing against the Adelaide Crows. Naturally if they’re playing against AFL Clash Melbourne Port Powerthe Vics or some other Interstate teams I want the Power to win because I support South Australian teams. This is in stark contrast to the greater majority of Port Power supporters who for some reason always want the Crows to lose when playing other teams.

Anyway, while checking the odds of the different AFL games on my bet365 app I noticed some killer odds on the the AFL clash between Melbourne and Port Power.Check out the odd in the image over to the right.

You’ll notice the 8.00 odds for Melbourne which is why I backed them. You’ll will also know that I only placed a $5 wager. That’s because I’m not completely bonkers. I don’t think that Melbourne have a hope in hell winning that particular AFL clash. But then you never know. Upsets do happen.

Isn’t it funny that ever since the last Showdown where the Crows, agains’t all odds I might add, beat the Power, Port just haven’t been able to win a game. People said I was crazy to back the Crows but I did and I won the bet.

Who knows, maybe they still haven’t got their act together. Maybe Melbourne will be able create another AFL miracle. All I know is that this time I want the Power to lose and it looks like even though the Crows aren’t playing I have a AFL game to watch this weekend.

In case you want to know why I’m not backing Port Power its because of their really crappy odds of 1.08. Just checked my bet365 app again and Melbourne is now 11.00 and Power 1.05. Shit!! I wish I had placed my bet today 😀

For all you Port Power supporters I did manage to find this really cool video that I think you will enjoy. It’s I Love The Power by Nova 919’s Dylan Lewis.