Anna Kournikova A Hot Sports Babe

I think its time for another Hot Sports Babes post. This will be the third Hot Sports Babes post. The first one went through the roof getting over 3000 views. I reckon people must have really liked the excitable young hot sports babe that the post featured. I thought if they liked that one they would love the 2nd Hot Sports Babes post because that post features really hot sports body painted babes. If you’re familiar with body painted women you know that they’re usually topless. Sometime completely naked! The only thing covering them is the body paint which is usually very artistic. That post had both. To date it’s only got 11 shares so it could do with a little boost. Feel free to provide that boost by sharing it with your social network friends.

Anna Kournikova A Real Hot Sports Babe

This weeks hot sports babe is Anna Kournikova. I’m sure you’ll all agree that she is pretty hot! Some would say scorching hot!! Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is Russian born. She was born on the 7th June 1981 which makes her 33 years old this year. Even though she’s now a retired tennis player she’s still classified as a hot sports babe, I doubt very much anyones going to argue that point. Even though Anna Kournikova never scored a title in her career she did manage to get to number 8 in the world. I think that was around 2000 sometime. Even though she never got a title as a singles player she did score a couple of grand slam titles in Australia. One in 1999 and the other in 2002. Yeah, we know how to treat out hot sports babes over here in Australia. Anna Kournikova’s partner in those grand slams was Martina Hingis, another hot sports babe.

Anna Kournikova Hot Sports Babe Collage

anna kournikova hot sports babe   It’s not at all surprising that Anna Kournikova had a successful modelling career. Who wouldn’t want her to represent them. What is Anna Kournikova doing today? A very good question. I know she has a FaceBook page. Not surprising that she has close to 3 million likes. One thing I can tell you is she’s still pretty attached to her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias. You’ll find this article on the lovebirds pretty interesting. Feel free to share this post amongst you social circles. Let’s see if we can beat the last Hot Sports Babe record. If you have any requests for the next Hot Sports Babe post, just leave a comment. As you would expect from any famous hot sport babe Anna Kournikova has done a really, really sexy calendar shoot. Just for your added pleasure I managed to find a great YouTube video of…….

Anna Kournikova Hot Sport Babe Calendar Shoot

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