EZ eSports Betting FaceBook Page

Hey guy’s, I’ve had a few people telling me that EZ eSports Betting should have an EZ eSports Betting FaceBook Page so I decided to start one up. I wanted the FaceBook page to look professional and luckily for me I had just the program to do that. The Creator!

The graphics for the EZ eSports Betting FaceBook page required two steps. The first was the header itself. I found the background image via Google and then used the Creator to add the sports equipment element giving me the following image.

EZ eSports Betting FaceBook page

The next step was to create the Logo. After a little thought I came up with this.

EZ ePorts Betting FaceBook Community
Luckily I’d purchased other elements that work well with the Creator.

Knowing that FaceBook has a lot of kids and such visiting their site I decided not to include anything that may be considered even slightly adult. That means I won’t be including anything from the Hot Sports Babes posts.

Now that the EZ eSports Betting FaceBook page is live it would be great if you could give it a little push by ‘Liking” it!

EZ eSports Betting FaceBook Page


You’ll also see a smaller version in the footer at the bottom of this site.

Naturally there’s  not much point having a FaceBook Page unless people visit and show that they “Like” it. You can do you bit by “Liking” the EZ eSports Betting FaceBook page.

I would really like to make this site something that people love to visit. Something where they can come to get ideas and even to share their views on any given sports related topic. That’s the main reason for using a blogging platform. So please, don’t be shy. If you have anything at all to share just leave a comment and I’ll promise to reply. If you have any ideas that would make this a better site please don’t hesitate to let me know.