AFL Round 24 2018 Tips

Can you believe that we’re entering AFL finals this week? Man, footy is going to be over before you know it.  :raspberry: Oh well, until then I reckon I should come up with my AFL Round 24 2018 Tips. Here’s hoping that my AFL Round 24 2018 Tips are good enough to get me a winning bet. Another winning bet would go down well.  :drunk:

AFL Round 24 2018 Tips Finals Footy Week 1

AFL Round 24 2018 Tips

So, here are my AFL Round 24 2018 Tips.

  • Richmond vs Hawthorn (MCG)
  • Melbourne vs Geelong  (MCG)
  • Sydney vs GWS Giants (SCG)
  • West Coast vs Collingwood (Optus)

AFL Round 24 2018 Tips in hand it’s time to see what sort of odds Ladbrokes is offering so I can place my bet this week.

Best Odds 2018 AFL Round 24

2018 AFL Round 24 Ladbrokes
Richmond 1.42
Hawthorn 2.95
Melbourne 1.80
Geelong 2.05
Sydney 1.74
GWS Giants 2.15
West Coast 1.62
Collingwood 2.35
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I thought this week I’d put five bucks on Richmond to win. You can see my bet here.

That’s it for this week’s AFL Round 23 2018 Tips. Good luck with your tips and I hope all your bets are winning ones.