AFL Round 4 Results 2016

Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016 Pretty Good

Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016

I have to say I am pretty happy with Fortuna’s Fortuna AFL Round 4 Results 2016. After all, picking 7 out of 9 is pretty damn good. It also brings Fortuna’s combined Footy tips results for round 4 to 26! I reckon that’s pretty damn good.

When you consider the 2 that Fortuna got wrong, the Brisbane vs Gold Coast and Collingwood vs Melbourne games, who would have thought those two games would have turned out the way that they did? Those two games were definitely upsets in round 4 and I’m sure a lot of punters out there would have gotten them wrong.

As for my MultiBet with William Hill the Collingwood game cost me my Multi-Bet win.  :guns: Luckily they didn’t lead in any of the quarters otherwise I would have been really pissed that I didn’t go with Sportsbet! I forgot to mention in my last post that even though I lost my multi-bet with Sportsbet they refunded my MultiBet wager because in the one leg of my multibet that lost they led in one of the quarters.

Sportsbet Cash Back Promotion

sportsbet cash back

First there’s the AFL Head to Head Money Back Special.

AFL Head to Head Money Back Special!

  • Place a Head to Head bet on any AFL match in rounds 1-8 
  • If your team lead at any break but lose, cash back up to $50
  • First bet placed on the Head to Head Market
  • Bonus bets excluded
  • All phone, live and ‘Cashed out’ bets are not eligible for the offer

In my case I’m referring to their AFL Multi Special!

Sportsbet AFL Multi Special

AFL Multi Special!

  • Place a 5+ leg multibet on the head-to-head market of any AFL match.
  • If only one leg fails, we’ll refund your bet up to $50 CASH
  • Head-to-head markets only, max 1 claim per AFL round
  • Multi Bets where the “Cash Out” feature is used are ineligible for the offer
  • Offer applies to all rounds of the 2016 AFL Premiership season.

So, in reality because Sportsbet gave me my cash back my last bet with them was actually a winning bet. In my previous post I stated my $10 bet returned $6.42 but because of their AFL Multi Special rerun of $5 I actually got $11.42 which is of course a win!  :clap2:

If you’re not a Sportsbet member yet I would seriously consider joining. You can do that HERE!

How was your AFL Round 4 Results 2016?