AFL Round 7 2016 Results

Fortuna’s AFL Round 7 2016 Results

Fortuna's AFL Round 7 2016 Results

Once again Fortuna got 6 of the 9 matches in her AFL Round 7 2016 Results. Unfortunately for me I lost my Multi_Bet with Sportsbet getting 3 of the 5 legs wrong. You can see my multi-bet picks here. Yep, I picked all of Fortuna’s wrong picks. How bad is that  :bash:  Oh well there’s always next week.

So far this season Fortuna’s running total stands at 45 which i reckon is pretty darn good!

Let’s have a quick look at the failures in Fortuna’s AFL Round 7 2016 Results.

Collingwood vs Carlton Fiasco

This is one of those matches where I was sure Collingwood would beat Carlton. Looking at the odds I reckon a lot of punters thought the same way about it too. As it turns out it went Carlton’s way and Collingwood was left licking their wounds.

Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked this game because it was one of those matches that could have gone either way. The Age had a pretty good review of the match likening the Suns going missing in the Bermuda Triangle.

Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide Crows

This is the game that really pissed me off. By then it’s not like it cost me the bet or anything. :dunno: According to the Age it “The two most telling figures were 37-68 for inside 50s and a mystifying 11-28 for free kicks. For me it was the Umpires lack of being fair with the free kicks that caused the Crows to lose that game. It’s not so much all the free kicks they awarded the Dogs, some which were absolute bullshit, as the ones that were not rightfully awarded to the Crows.

I’m not the only one that’s unhappy with the free kick situation either. Don Pyke, the Crows coach, was upset enough to ask for an official please explain from AFL headquarters.

I’m proud of the way the boys played that day. It must have been demoralising to have so many free kicks awarded against them and so few paid that they knew were there. Even so they kept at it making the Bulldogs and the Blind umpires work for their keep.