Winning Bet For This Weeks Bet The Week

You may have noticed that I didn’t have a bet of the week last week. That had nothing to do with my losing bet from the week winning betbefore either. Truth be told there just wasn’t anything that interested me as far as placing a bet online goes. Having said that I sure as hell wished I had placed a bet on Richmond last week. 😀 That would have been a worthwhile winning bet.

Hopeful Winning Bets

Speaking of Richmond, I did place a small wager on them beating Port Power this week. Who know, perhaps last weeks win will inspire them to do it again. They certainly need the win a hell of a lot more than Port Power does. They have to win this week otherwise they’re out of the finals.

The other wager, and I really hope this one to be a winning bet as well as I could certainly do with a double header, is on Fremantle Dockers to beat Sydney Swans.

I know this is a tough ask for Fremantle, but that’s the thing with the AFL, you just never know when a upset will happen.

Either way, whether they turn out to be winning bets or not, I know that simply having a bet on those two matches is going to make those games that much more exiting.

As far as winning bets go who have you placed your money on?

Speaking of winning bets I hope you guys realise that when I write a bet of the week post those wagers are not meant to sway the way you place your bets. I’m by no means a professional gambler and when I place a bet it’s not meant to influence you in any way at all. When you place your, hopefully, winning bets you’re completely on your own. You can follow my lead if you so wish but don’t go blaming me if you lose. 😉