Sports News For The Week

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sports News update so I decided to look around (Google wise 😉 ) and see if I could find some interesting sports news for you guys.

This Weeks Latest Sports News

sports news Rex RyanJets Coach gets fined $100K for profanity: We all know you shouldn’t swear when the cameras are on you because it sets a bad example for the kids and all but it’a a little hard when you don’t know if a camera is on you or not. Unfortunately for Jets coach Rex Ryan one was on him when he yells “F You!” to someone on the field. This particular F bomb cost Rex $100,000! Poor bastard, what can you do when emotions are running wild during a game. Not the first time for Rex either. Read the article to see what else Rex was fined for.


sports news tiger woodsTiger Woods doesn’t hold beck when letting off steam: This is an interesting bit of sports news. Don’t you hate it when the media picks on celebrities and shit. Sometimes they can be worse than the paparazzi. I know they have to sell the news and people lap it up but sometimes enough is enough. That happened to Tiger Wood who finally unloads his frustration on one particular sports writer.

“Dan Jenkins, an 84-year-old who was once described by TV host Larry King as the “best sportswriter in America”, has long taken issue with Woods and the lack of access he’s given him during his career. So good all Dan conducts a fake interview with Tiger Woods and it’s enough to send Tiger over the edge.

sports news Giancarlo StantonWho Is The Richest Man In Sport? I reckon that the richest man in sports must change from time to time. This particular bit of sports news names the very latest richest man in sports. That title now goes to Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. He became the richest man in sports when he signed the $325 million deal with the Miami Marlins.

Man, I always thought that some of those soccer/football players were really will paid but this latest deal kills them and is now the largest contract ever in the history of sport.

sports news katy mckleanWomen’s Sports Cool: Now we all know how much I love women in sports. It’s one of the reason I started the Hot Sports Babes series of posts. Well this bit of sports news is about the English women’s Rugby team winning England’s World Cup. It seems the captain of the team, Katy McLean says women’s sport is cool. Read all about what it is about women’s sport that makes Katy believe its cool.

Me, I always new that women in sports was cool. Actually, when you think of it some of the women in sports are really pretty hot! 😉

sports news volleyballIran Sanctioned For Barring Female Fans: Really? In this day and age. Sort of like banning women from the pub or not allowing them to vote or something. This particular bit of sports news is really interesting. It involves the jailing of a woman, Ghavami, who was detained after trying to attend a World League volleyball game between Italy and Iran. A game that women were barred from attending.

Apparently women are also barred from attending football matches to protect them from the lewd behaviour of male fans.

That’s it for todays top 5 Sports News for this week. However, before I go I’d love to tell you about some of the important posts on this blog.

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