PoC (Point of Consumption) Tax To Punish SA Punters

PoC (Point of Consumption)

I just got the following email from Sportsbet about the latest government tax grab;

SA Government to punish SA punters with tax grab

Hi Peter,

The South Australian Government recently announced a tax grab which will make wagering in South Australia more expensive than anywhere else in the world. They are describing it as a 15% Point of Consumption (PoC) tax, but in reality this is a Punters’ Tax that will impact every South Australian who places a bet.

This means:

Worse odds
Less promotions
Less money in your pocket

We need your help to stop the Punters Tax

The South Australian Government has rejected offers for a sensible, common-sense discussion about this issue.

We need your help to send a strong message to your local MP, that an additional tax that punishes South Australian punters is not acceptable.

Click below to send a message to your local MP.

Yours in sport,

The Sportsbet Team

Clicking on the link to me the following letter to some MP or other.

Dear Local MP

As a South Australian punter, I’m writing to you to voice my opposition to the SA Government’s decision to impose a new 15% tax on bets placed by South Australians.

This unfair Punters’ Tax that specifically targets South Australians, will make online wagering in South Australia more expensive than anywhere in the world and ultimately mean South Australian recreational punters bear the brunt of the tax through worse odds and less markets. The Punters’ Tax will also significantly harm our local racing industry and potentially push punters like me to use unregulated, offshore betting sites that pay no Australian taxes whatsoever and have no interest in the integrity of Australian racing and sport.

The State Government should never stand in the way of my legitimate interests and leisure pursuits, nor treat punters like a cash cow. This tax is completely contrary to this. Targeting South Australian consumers for who bet online is the thin edge of the wedge.  Should I be paying more for my music online because I live here too?

This reeks of a cheap, greedy tax grab.

As my local MP, I am asking you to oppose this tax.

Kind Regards,

Needless to say I was more than happy to lend my support. I’m sick and tired of the Government putting their hands in my pocket because they too bloody stupid to manage the economy properly. Even though technically they won’t be putting their hands in my pocket, if it’s still going to cost me more to place a bet then I am being disadvantaged compared to the rest of the Aussies.

Like I said, if the Government needs money then they should learn to manage their affairs properly and stop squandering our hard earned taxes in stupid projects like the desalination plant.

We’re already missing out on specials and such because of the government and now we have this to contend with. What a lot of crap!

For more information on the PoC tax you should read this news article.