AFL Grand Final Placing A Winning Bet

In my post last week about getting the best odds I spoke about how the earlier you placed your bet the better the odds. In my experience this is normally the case. You may well remember my post where I spoke about the Port Power and Crows Rivalry and why I placed a bet on Port Power to win the game against Fremantle. I placed that bet hoping it would put a hex on the Power causing them to lose. Unfortunately they won. On the plus side I did win the bet.  :tongue_out:

Not to be deterred I backed Port Power against Hawthorne in last weeks game. Finally the hex cut in causing Port Power to lose. Even though I lost the bet I, as a Crows fan, came out a winner.

Placing A Winning Bet On The AFL Grand Final

AFL Grand Final Winning BetGetting on with the job about placing a winning bet on the AFL Grand Final I should have followed my own advice and placed the bet last week. Last week the odds for Sydney to win was $2.20. Today when I placed the bet with Sportsbet it was only $1.60. I figured after voting their app the best sports betting app I may as well take it through to actual completion. All I can say is that I loved it. These sports betting apps make placing a bet online so simple. The Sportsbet app was that little bit better than the other to.

Of course I’m hoping that this time around I’m not putting a hex on Sydney and that Lady Luck will be smiling on us and that Sydney does win the AFL Grand Final. As I’ve always said though, when it comes to picking the winner there is no sure bet. The only time you can be assured a win is if the game is fixed. We sure as hell don’t want that crap happening around here.  :thumb_down:

Even though Sydney are favourites in the AFL Final, Hawthorne could very well pull off a win. That will make all those punters backing Hawthorne really happy. Yep, really happy considering the $2.40 odds. Odds that only dropped 5 cents from last week.

Who do you think will win the 2015 AFL Grand Final?


Getting The Best Odds

Getting The Best Odds Means Getting In Early

getting the best oddsUsually the way to get the best odds when placing a bet online is to place your bet as early as possible. Take for example the post I did on Betting On The AFL Finals. I posted that a little over a week ago. All the odds offered on SportingBet, as well as the other online bookies, have dropped. Some by as much as 50%.

As far as I know getting the best odds usually happens the further away from the outcome of any given match. I was talking about this with a workmate of mine and he says he places several of his bets at the beginning of the AFL season. A great bloke except for the fact that he’s a Port Power fan.

Speaking of Port Power you may well remember they were last weeks bet of the week. That was actually the post where I spoke a little about the history of the Crows and Power rivalry. You may well recall that I backed Port to win, but only because lately I’ve been losing my bets and I was hoping that placing a bet on them would bring them bad luck. Nope, as it turns out the Power was really switched on in that game and they won.That was never supposed to happen. Fremantle were the favourites and it’s been ages since they lost a home game.That bet on the Power was just to seal the deal.

Still, shit happens. Just about everyone I know was tipping Freo, but like I said in that post about sports betting tips, they’re absolute bullshit. You just never ever know who’s going to win any given game. That’s why we have so many upsets in sport. One last thing before getting to my bet of the week. You may well notice the odds changing the closer you get to the game. Usually getting the best odds means placing your bets as early as possible.

Bet Of The Week

This week Port Power is playing Hawthorne at the MCG. They shouldn’t win this game. Then again they should’ve lost against Fremantle as well. I just don’t have a choice. I have to back the Power again. Maybe this time my bet come good and Port will lose.  :tongue_out: Seeing as how bet365 was lucky for me last week I’m gonna give Sportingbet a go. Maybe they will pass on some bad vibes for all those louse Port Power fans.