Casey Eastham Hot Sports Babe #18

hot sports babe Casey Eastham1After my demoralising loss, ;), in the Melbourne Cup I need to do something to cheer me up. What better way than to do another Hot Sports Babes post Today’s post will be on an Aussie hot sports babe, namely Casey Eastham. I didn’t pick Casey just because I’m an Aussie either. I picked her because she’s smoking hot and deserves to be in our Hot Sports Babes club!

Casey Eastham is an Aussie woman’s field hockey playe, playing for the Hockeyroos. I wonder if one of the requirements for being part of the Hockeyroos is your hotness factor because Casey Eastham is the second Hockeyroos hot sports babe featured on this blog. The first one being Anna Flanagan, part of the Hottest Sports Babes In Glasgow post..

Casey Eastham Hot Sports Babe In Field Hockey

Born on the 19th of March 1989 Casey Eastham is now 25 years old. Too old for me but just right for my son. 😉 Ah, to be that young again. For those of you who are interested Casey Eaastham has her own website. As part of the Hockeyroos she’s managed to win two silver medals, one in Sydney in 2009 and the other more recently in The Hague in 2014. She even managed a gold medal in Delhi in 2010. Field hockey aside I reckon she’s definitely a gold medal contender in the Hot Sports Babe category.

Casey Eastham Hot Sports Babe Collage


Hot Sports Babe Casey EasthamApart from being hot, have you realised that all our hot sports babe have something in common? It’s their incredible physique. They didn’t just happen to come by it either. Sure some may have a great body because God gifted it to them but I’m sure that for the most part all of our hot sports babe have earned their chiseled body through hard work and a strenuous exercise regime.

If you’d like to follow Casey’s tweets here’s her Twitter link.