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I’ve been doing hot babes posts since last June and I thought it was about time that we decided who was the Hottest Sports Babe! Before we can do that we should have a little recap on the hot sports babes featured on EZ eSports Betting.

Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #1

The first ever hottest sports babe contestant is a Brazilian Soccer fan. That turned out to be one of the most popular posts on the blog getting over 4100 social shares. There is no doubt that she’s an ardent soccer fan. Perhaps that’s why the post is so popular, or maybe it’s the accidental nipple slip.¬† ūüĎŅ

Andressa Urach Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #2

The second hot sports babe post was called Body Paint Sports Style Hot Sports Babe Of The Week. Could it be that Andressa Urach is the hottest sports babe. She’s definitely hot! She’s also topless wearing nothing but a little body paint. She’s pretty well endowed as well. Weird that the post has only received 12 social shares. Maybe people are to embarrassed to share the post thinking they’ll get in trouble with the wife or girlfriend.¬† :no-no:

Anna Kournikova Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #3

I’m sure there a lot of Anna Kournikova fans will vote Anna Kournikova the hottest sports babe. That post was simply called¬†Anna Kournikova A Hot Sports Babe.¬†That post also features the first hot sports babe collage that has now become a standard feature of the hot sports babes posts.

NFL Cheer Leaders Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #4

NFL Cheerleaders Hot Sports Babe #4 was the next hot sports babes post. It features sexy cheerleaders from several of the top NFL teams, from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Bronco Cheerleaders.

Caroline Wozniacki Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #5

The next contender for our hottest sports babe is Caroline Wozniacki, another tennis sports babe legend. That post has a lovely collage of sexy shots of Caroline Wozniacki as well as a video of an underwear photo shoot she did.

Aussie Hottest Sports Babes Contestant #6

We now move on to the Hottest Sports Babes In Glasgow post. This post was inspired by the fact that the Aussies were voted the hottest sports babes at the Commonwealth Games. It features Anna Flanagan, Genevieve Lacaze and Melissa Breen. Hot sports babes all.

Sally Pearson Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #7

Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe was the first sports babe to actually win me some money. That’s not why she is a hottest sports babe contestant though. She’s in because she’s hot enough to make the hot sports babe grade.

Sabina Altynbekova Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #8

Sabina Altynbekova is touted to be way too sexy to play sport. That alone would make her a hot sports babe contestant. That and the fact that she is pretty hot. If you think shes the hottest don’t forget to vote for her in the poll at the end of the post.

Claudia Romani Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #9

Claudia Romani is another ardent soccer fan. This sultry Italian models is a definite Hottest Sports Babe contender. The post has two collages as well as a real sexy video of her.

Legends Cup Players Hottest Sports Babe Contestant #10

Being an Aussie I’ve never heard of the Legends Football League. Luckily one of my readers put me onto the Legends Cup Players that make up the league. These hot sports women really get into this full on contact sport too. That post has a great video showing you how serious these women are.

Sexy Naked Netball Hottest Sports Babes Contestant #11

The Hot Sports Netball Babes post has turned out to be the hottest post to date getting over 7100 social shares. That’s pretty bloody good considering I only posted it a couple of weeks ago. Maybe the fact that they’re all topless has something to do with it.¬† :thumb_up:

Sexy Curling Hottest Sports Babes Contestant #12

Our final hottest sports Babes Contestant are the Curling Hot Sports Babes! Personally I reckon this post is pretty hot. It has three collages featuring what I believe to be 3 of the sexiest women in the sport of curling.

hottest sports babes_sexy women in sports

OK, now it’s time for you to vote for your¬†top three hottest sports babes. The winners will obviously be the three hottest sports babes with the most votes.

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