Gina Carano Hot Sports Babe #35

Gina Carano Hot Sports babes

Gina Carano Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame

It’s time for another hot sports babe post. For this post I’m going to revisit the MMA hot sports babes. Previous MMA hot sports babes include Ronda Rousey #15 and then there was the sexy UFC naked body paint chicks, Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste. Enough of the flashbacks, lets have a look at the latest contender for our Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame, Gina Carano, Hot Sports Babe #135.

Gina Carano was born on 16th April 1982 making her 34 years old. Check this link for a complete bio of Gina Carano.

She started her career in Muay Thai before progressing to MMA when invited by Jamie Levine to participate in the first-ever sanctioned female MMA bout in Nevada. She fought Leiticia Pestova which she KO’d. She then went to win the next 6 in row losing against Cristiane Justino in 2009.

Retired from any sort of fighting Gina Carano has had a go at starting an acting career. Some of her movies include Haywire, Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool.

Yeah, yeah, I know, your waiting to see a little more of Gina Carano :tongue_out: As usual, I’ve put together a really nice Gina Carano collage.

Gina Carano Hot Sports babes

I also put together a couple of paintings of Gina Carano showing before and after images.


On a side note, as long as I have a high definition image I can almost make a paining of any image using some software. You can actually hire me on Fiverr!

Gina Carano Social Media

Naturally the best way to get a feeling of the real Gina Carano is by checking out what she does on the social media. Luckily for us Gina has a Facebook account. She also has a Twitter and Instagram account. While Gina has a lot of photos on her facebook page I like her Twitter feed the best.

What do you like best about Gina Carano?


Eugenie Bouchard Hot Sports Babe #34

I thought that being a new year and all, and how you all like my hot sports babes posts, I would make the first post of 2017 a hot sports babes post. Today’s hot sports babes post is the really sexy, and talented, Canadian tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard. But then you probably guessed that from the image on the left, right? :tongue_out:

I think Eugenie Bouchard is probably the first Canadian to make my Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame. I know there are a lot of sites out there that post pictures of hot sports babes but for the majority of them that’s all they do. I like to be a little different in that I also, wherever possible, like to post some interesting facts about them as well as linking to personal websites, FaceBook pages and the like.

According to Wikipedia, she was born Feb, 25th 1994 which makes her just 22 years old. She has a fraternal twin sister, Beatrice. Here is an interesting fact for you, the sisters were named after Prince Andrews daughters. :tennis:

Currently ranked 46 in the world Eugenie is doing pretty bloody good. You can check out her tennis career here.

Eugenie Bouchard Hot Sports Babe Collage

Eugenie Bouchard Favourite Social Meadia

I love it when sports stars, especially hot sports babes, love to use social media. It shows everyone how they’re just like us. Also it allows us to see the personal side of our favourite hot sports babes :thumb_up:

You’ll find heaps of great photos on anyone of her social media accounts. I turned one of them into the following painting.

Eugenie Bouchard Painting

I can actually do that to almost any image. You can hire me for that at my Fiverr account.

If you agree that Genie deserves to be a part of our Hot Sports Hall Of Fame why not share this post with your mates. You could even show your approval in the comments below. :drunk:

Ronda Rousey Too Masculine! Don’t Make Me Laugh

ronda rousey too masculine1I was watching the TV today and I happened to notice a report where Ronda Rousey was being taunted on Twitter for being too masculine. Ronda Rousey too masculine! Are these people blind or something? Surely they can’t be talking about the same Ronda Rousey I featured as one of my sexiest Hot Sports Babes! No bloody way can anyone in their right mind consider Ronda Rousey too masculine! If they did they seriously need to make an appointment to see Specsavers or something!

There must be something wrong with these people attacking Ronda on social media. They’re obviously too scared to confront her face to face. But then if they did I’m sure that getting up close to her would prove her femininity. How could it not, the girl is such a honey. Otherwise she wouldn’t have made it as a hot sport babe.

Ronda Rousey is a true champion. She’s not one to let those wankers on social media get her down by sprouting crap. She knows her true worth and therefore lets those infantile remarks left by morons with nothing better to do slide off her just like water off a ducks back!

I’d say the reason such shit doesn’t stick when thrown by these blind, jealous, bullying people on social media has a lot to do with Ronda’s upbringing. As to what Ronda herself says regarding the Ronda Rousey too masculine propaganda that flying around at the moment….

I have this one term for the kind of woman my mother raised me to not be, and I call it a do nothing bitch. A DNB. The kind of chick that just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by someone else. That’s why I think it’s hilarious if my body looks masculine or something like that. Listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than f—ing millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine. I think it’s femininely badass as f— because there’s not a single muscle on my body that isn’t for a purpose because I’m not a do nothing bitch.

Even better, why not listen to what one of our favourite hot sport babes has to say.

Now, that is why she is a true champion. She knows what she wants in life and she does what she has to, to get there. She wants to be a UFC champion and so she works out in order to mould her body into the UFC fighting machine that it is. And as far as I’m concerned she has done it without losing any of her femininity!

To prove my point I’ve put together another collage to show that the Ronda Rousey Too Masculine crap is nothing but unadulterated bullshit.

Ronda Rousey Too Masculine? No Way!