Hot Sport WAGs Are Hot Sports Babes

Today I thought I would write a post on Hot Sports WAGs. Haven’t heard of WAGs before. WAGs is an acronym that’s used to refer to the wives or girlfriends of high profile sportsmen. Wikipedia has a full rundown on the history of WAGs. You usually she Hot Sport WAGs at function like the Brownlow Medal where they know there will be a lot of people taking photos and they’re usually dressed to kill.

Hot Sport Wags Brownlow Style

There are a lot of AFL WAGs out there but I thought I would start with Lauren Pavlich, wife of Fremantle Docker’s Matthew Pavlich. She wore this lovely gown at the 2014 Brownlow Medal.

Hot Sports Babe Wag Lauren Pavlich

Then of course there’s Rory Sloane’s girlfriend, Belinda Riverso who wore this stunning gown at the 2013 Brownlow Medal.

Hot Sport WAGs Belinda Riverso Hot Sports babe

However, I would have to say the the most famous Hot Sport WAGs to show up at a Brownlow Medal would be Rebecca Twigley, now Rebecca Judd, who wore the very revealing dress you see below.

Hot Sports Wags Rebecca Twigley