Hot Women In Lycra Hot Sports Babes

hot female cyclists in lycraIt’s been quite awhile since my last hot sports babes post. The last one being Claire Bevilacqua Hot Sports Babes #37! Today’s hot sports babes post is more general and is all about hot women in lycra. The idea of writing a post on hot women in lycra came to me on the way to work today when I say a couple of them riding by while stopped at the lights. I thought to myself, ‘man, what a great idea for my hot sports babes post.

So, as soon as I got home I started googling all sorts of configurations of hot women in lycra. It took awhile, but I finally managed to get some beautiful photos of some absolutely gorgeous women in lycra.

So many in fact that I decided to put them into a Hot Female Cyclists video!

Why Hot Women In Lycra Are Sexy

So, what is it about women wearing lycra that makes them so sexy? Without a doubt, the main reason is the figure-hugging quality of lycra. Yep, all that tight lycra just happens to cling to all the right places. As the sexy women in lycra shows, you don’t even have to be well endowed to exude sexiness!

So, why do female cyclists wear lycra? According to cycling weekly, cyclists love lycra because lycra fits so tightly preventing problems like rubbing and chafing. This gives a more comfortable ride.

Another reason is cyclists feel that wearing lycra makes them look cool. Well, I’m not sure about the guys, but it sure as hell makes the women look hot.

Other positives, which has absolutely nothing to do with hotness, including things like grease free trousers, the ability to go faster and many swear they’re a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Hot Women In Lycra

Finally, for your added enjoyment I now give you my hot women in lycra video.

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