Improving Your Odds On A Sports-Bet

Improving Your Odds A Simple How To

I’ve found there are times when the odds you get on any given sports just aren’t up to scratch. That’s when I looked at a way for improving your odds on any given sports-bet. This improving your odds tip probably won’t work on every sports bet but it can work well when placing a bet on a soccer game. Just like it did on the Adelaide United vs Western Sydney Wanderers. The results of that particular improving your odds example can be seen in the image below.

improving your odds

I could have placed the whole $10 wager on Adelaide United to win but at 1.75 that would only have returned $17.50. That’s a $7.50 return.

So, instead I placed $8 on a win. I then placed a buck on Adelaide United scoring 2 goals and another buck on them scoring 3 goals. I figured they were the more likely outcomes.

As it turns out Adelaide United won with a score of 2-0 and my total winnings $22 which was a $12 return. That just happens to be a greater than 50% return than if I just put a bet on Adelaide United to win. I reckon that shows this technique to be a pretty good way of improving your sports bet. My odds went from 1.75 to 2.2. It would have been a lot better if Adelaide United scored another goal. And they should of too but they missed so many bloody times.

Of course it could just as easily have gone the other way. They could have scored 4 or more goals or remained goalless which would not have resulted in any odds improvement at all. Or they could have lost the game altogether which would have resulted in a losing bet. But then that’s the risk you take when you decide to place a bet on your favourite sports.

This isn’t a problem if you’re like me and only place a small wager on a game in order to increase the excitement value of the game you’re watching.