Who Will Win Big Bash League Final

Once again I should have listened to Lady Luck! You may remember my post on Betting On The Twenty20 where  I went against here advice and bet on the Adelaide Strikers to win the finals? Well I should have listened to her because once again she was right. (Read the post on Lady Luck to learn how to follow her advice)

I had to attend a wedding that day so I missed out on all the action. As it turns out though I didn’t miss out on all that much as, according to the ABC, Sydney Sixers Stun Adelaide Strikers To Reach Big Bash League Final. Apparently the Adelaide Strikers were pretty dismal going all out for just 94. Man, that is pretty shithouse for a team that was doing so well in the season being on the top of the ladder for so long.

I checked my Sportsbet account to check my losing bet only to find that it was still pending. I reckon that’s because the finals isn’t over yet and they’re waiting for its completion. Whatever the Big Bash League Final outcome I know for a fact that mine was a losing bet.  :pull_hair:

At least the Adelaide Strikers website was able to come up with some positives including the record crowds and the fact that the Strikers had the biggest fan base. Too babd they weren’t able to please that fan base by a least giving them a decent game to watch.

And The Big Bash League Finals Winner Is…..

Naturally the big question is who will win the Big Bash League Finals. That’s what all the punters would love to know. What we do know is that it’s between the Sydney Sixers and the Perth Scorchers. Once again I asked Lady  Luck as to whether or not I ahould place a bet. She pointed to Centrebet this time and as I’m not a Centrebet member Fortuna is telling me I should not be placing a bet.

Big Bash League Final

As you can see from the image above, once again, I’ve gone against Lady Lucks advice and placed a bet on the Perth Scorchers to win. Why the Perth Scorchers? Basically because after what the Sydney Sixers did to the Adelaide Strikers I’m willing them to lose.  :tongue_out:

Why bet at all? Because I’m a responsible gambler and I only bet what I can afford to lose. I haven’t been betting every week so I have extra in my sports betting account. Not to mention the small wins that I have had 😉 And most importantly, because I don’t have a wedding on and I’m planning to watch this game and that small bet will make it that much more exciting to watch.

As to who will win the Big Bash League Final? I reckon we will have to wait for the end of the match to find out.  :angel: As to when is the Big Bash Final. The answer is on Wednesday the 28th January in Sydney. Sydney reckon they have one big advantage on the Perth Scorchers, that being the home advantage. But, just remember it didn’t do Adelaide Strikers any bloody good now, did it?

Whoever you place your bet on I wish you the best of luck. :thumb_up:


EzeSportsbetting Review

ezesportsbetting review

I could wait for a 3rd party for a EzeSportsbetting review. But that could be years in coming. I could pay someone for a EzeSportsbetting review. A lot of people actually do that you know. But that just doesn’t sit right with me. So I figured that I would do my own EzeSportsbetting review!

But doing my own EzeSportsbetting.com review doesn’t really sit right with me either because people coming here and seeing me review my own site will think me an arrogant bastard, and that I am not. So, rather than write a simple EzeSportsbetting review I thought it would be a much better idea if I told you folks about the sorts of things that make this site stand out from the rest. Even so this isn’t a real EzeSportsbetting review I’m still calling it that for SEO reasons.  :tongue_out:

EzeSportsbetting Review  What Makes EzeSportsbetting.com A Great Site

  • It’s Alive!: While a lot of other sports betting sites are static sites, designed by their owners, filled with information and just left there! EzeSportsBetting.com is continually updated, several times a week.Something else that makes this site a living palpable being is that fact that it is designed around a blogging platform. This allows readers to take part in any given post by leaving a comment. A comment which I will always reply to. Other readers may add their input which in turn could lead to an interesting conversation.
  • Total Honesty: There are a lot of sports betting sites out there who have affiliate links/banners posted all over the place who do not disclose that they’re getting some sort of monetary aid from having them there. I’ve made a point of writing a Disclosure page so everyone knows my intentions from having this blog.Another point on honesty is that from day one I have never told anyone that I know everything there is to know about sports betting. I told everyone that I was a total newbie and I invited them all to join me on my journey to becoming a better punter. I share whatever I learn. Like the posts about double chance bets and When a win is not a win.
  • Great Entertainment Value: How many sports betting sites that you know of entertains you with Hot Sports Babes as well as some great sports jokes? I also have a Hot Sports Hunks category but I’m waiting for some women to make requests. Being a bloke I have no idea what sort of guys to put in the hot sports hunks category.
  • I Actually Place Bets Online: Yep, I actually join the sites I’m affiliated to. Not only that I actually do place bets with them and post screenshots of those bets so readers can follow my progress. This is totally different from other sports betting sites. How do you know whether or not they’ve actually tried the sports betting sites they’re affiliated with? How can they write an honest review unless they take them for a test spin? In the post I mentioned above about when a win is not a win I would never have been able to provide that important information if I didn’t place that bet.
  • Regular Updates: Because this is not a static website, as I mentioned above, I can keep my readers up to date with special offers from the sports betting sites I’ve joined. I can also offer my views on some of the sports news that I come across. I also have posts of the most interesting news to save my readers the time of having to suss it out themselves.
  • Fortuna our very own Lady Luck: I know how sometimes you just can’t make up you mine as to whether or not you should place a bet on any given sport. Or how you can’t quite make up your mind which online sports betting site to join. To help them out I had someone design for me out very own Lady Luck. I named her Fortuna after the Roman Goddess of Luck.

I think you get the drift and I’m sure you don’t want to read anymore diatribe on how good ezespotsbetting.com is. If you have anything you would like to add you know you can. 😉 Just leave a comment below.


Fortuna Comes To Ez eSports Betting

Just over a week ago I introduced you to Victoria our Sports Goddess. Ever since that post I’ve been hunting high and low for someone to represent Lady Luck. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find anyone suitable. My only option was to find a talented person to design her for me. I found someone who not only showed a lot of talent, having brought Victoria to life for me, but someone who could also breathe luck into our Lady Luck. I reckon it was pure luck too that I found Jen.

Welcoming Fortuna To EZ eSports Betting.com

I chose the name Fortuna because Fortuna is the name of the Roman Goddess of luck. When Jen brought life to Fortuna she did so with a transparent background. This allows me to place her on any background of my choosing.

Fortuna Lady Luck

Fortuna, not just a pretty face

That’s right Fortuna is more than just a pretty face. She comes to EZ eSports Betting.com to help you guys to decide whether or not to place a bet on any given sport. How does she do that? I’m so glad you asked. 😉 You’ll find Fortuna at the bottom of the Lady Luck Page. That pretty lady of luck links to the following online betting sites.

Fortuna can only help you if you’re a member of one of those sites. If you’re not a member you may want to join one so you can take advantage of Lady Luck’s advice.  :thumb_up:

Every time the page refreshes Fortuna will point to one of the above online betting sites. You simply click on Lady Lucks image and if she takes you to one that you’re a member of then Lady Luck is smiling on you and you are free to place a bet. If luck is truly with you then you will win that bet. If after clicking on her you’re taken to an online betting site that you’re not a member of then she is advising you that perhaps you should not make that bet. Pretty simple huh?

Don’t Know Which Online Sports Betting Site To Join?

How long have you been sitting back not sure which online sports betting site to join? Even after reading all my brilliant reviews you’re still not sure which one to go for? Well, wonder no longer. Just let Fortuna choose the lucky online sports site for you. Click on Fortuna and whichever one you land on, that’s the one to join.

Naturally you probably won’t want to click on her every time you want to place a bet. She’s there for those times when you just can’t make up your mind whether or not to place a bet.