AFL Round 11 Results 2017

What can I say but I expected more from Fortuna’s AFL round 11 results 2017! Why don’t we have a look at the AFL round 11 results 2017 before I go discussing them.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 11 Results 2017

AFL round 11 results 2017As you can see the mighty Adelaide Crows weren’t so bloody hot in the AFL round 11 results 2017. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive in including them in my tips but I honestly thought they would break the 14 year hoodoo of playing at Simonds stadium. Alas, they played like shit and let fans and punters alike down. The problem as I saw it was that they weren’t playing as a cohesive team. Not everyone was putting 100% in and at this stage of the game if you want to win you have to put in 110%!!

Chris McDermott said it best when he said The Crows Had Too Many Passengers! Unfortunately for us Geelong did that and they won the game.

Then it was the Gold Coast vs Coast game. You can tell from the odds in that game that even the punters thought that the Eagles should have won that game. Unfortunately they lost and Fortuna struck out again in her tips. The AFL site reckons there 5 Talking Points about that game.

Finally, the last of the losing games was the Fremantle vs Collingwood game. That was a home game for the Dockers and should have been a win under their belt. What happened? Did Collingwood play that well or did the Dockers under perform and gave away a win? According to the ABC headlines the Dockers put on a Horrific Display. They go on to say though that Collingwood put on a “gutsy” effort. Maybe it was one of those games where the Dockers thought they had an easy win and just weren’t prepared for a switched on Collingwood.

So, what does all this teach us? That you just never know when it comes to sports betting and enforces why we should always gamble responsibly. Losing bets suck :bash: