Looking For Laughs?

I’m always looking for laughs and ever since I can remember I’ve always loved making people laugh. I’ve been cracking jokes with my mates ever since I was a kid. I could never be a comedian, though, because I don’t have the confidence to stand in front of a crowd. I don’t mind doing it in front of a camera though which is why I do a Laughaholics video every week.

Looking For Laughs And Where To Find Them

The other day I decided to start another blog which is dedicated to those folk looking for laughs. That blog has a unique Laugh_Out_Loud.org domain name, which I am extremely excited to own. Even though it’s early days, I’m thrilled with the amount of traffic it’s generating.

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with looking for even more ways to generate traffic. Naturally, I am using my other blogs to promote it but I know I needed something more. That’s when I thought of using Instagram, especially as it can be used as a free promotion tool. I even did a video that shows how to use Instagram to promote a blog.

My Laugh Out Really Loud Instagrame Page

I knew I need a name that described what the page was all about and I managed to snatch _laugh_out_really_loud! If you love to laugh you should Follow Me, seriously! 😎 The image below is one of my Instagram posts.

looking for laughs

I know it’s going to take time to build up a following and I need a good reason for them to do so. And what better reason than the knowledge that the vast majority of my posts are unique. Not just reposting of stuff that’s already on the net.

Here’s another of my Instagram posts.

You May Find The Following Of Interest

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