Port Power Fans Bag Port Power

As a Crows fan I also used to support Port Power when they first joined the AFL. I looked at it as SA vs the rest of the country. Especially the Vics! That was until those one eyed Port Power fans became the arrogant supporters they are today.

For some reason they have always hated the Crows! Even to the point where they would rather support the opposition rather than the Adelaide Crows. It took a few years but those self same arrogant Port Power fans have now turned me against them.

Bandwagon Port Power Fans Desert The Power

Over time Port Power fans have been proven they aren’t the most loyal of AFL footy fans. When they’re performing OK they’re more than happy to show up at Port Power games. All the while beating on their breasts yelling to all who would listen that they’ve got the Premiership all sewn up.

When they’re not winning games Port Power fans are like rats fleeing a sinking ship. That’s probably why they’re known as bandwagon supporters.

I copied the comment below from their Port Power FaceBook page. That comment goes to show how the term bandwagon supporters has even become popular with Port Power fans!

Port Power Fans Bandwagon supportersIt’s one thing to walk out early in a game, another to turn the TV off and quite another to tell others you did so.

Port Power Fans kicks Power

I found the following comment a little shocking. I’m sure the Power did the best they could. For whatever reason they had another off game. But to suggest that they’re actually spitting on their ‘jumper’ is a bit over the top.

Port Power Fans Spits On Jumper comment

It’s obvious that Gary is bitterly disappointed with the Port Power vs Brisbane match, so much so that he vented with the following comment.

Port Power Fans disgusting effort

Isn’t it funny how early on in the year the Power supporters were all boasting how they had a good chance at winning the flag and now some have ‘zero expectation and optimism for the rest of the season?’ A shame that Power supporters can’t send out positive vibes instead of negative ones.

Port Power Fans lose confidence

I loved David’s comment. “‘Beaten by a team that wanted it more?’ Are you serious? Stop trying to polish a turd and call it what it is.” Man, that was a classic comment.

Port Powers Fans basket case comment

We’re talking about a clue who in 2004 won the premiership but in 2012 were struggling to fill seats at AAMI stadium. So much so that some twit came up with the idea of covering entire blocks of the seating area with giant black tarps hoping to trick viewers into thinking the crowd was bigger than what it actually was. As if we were really that dumb.

The tarps fiasco even gave one smart bloke the inspiration to come up with the INXS parody…

Never Tear Up Our Tarps

It’s because of all this that people question the loyalty of Port Power fans. One has to wonder when Port Power Fans supporters will actually support their team through thick and thin.

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