Punter Of The Year 2015

sportsbet punter of the yearCan You Be Punter Of The Year 2015?

Everyone knows that every time you place a sports bet it’s a gamble. Nobody knows whether or not they’re going to win. Not even Fortuna gives punters the absolute low down on where to place their bets. Personally I believe that when a punter makes a whole heap of cash it’s all a matter of luck. That or Lady Luck is actually telling them how and where to place their bets. It’s when luck is on their side that someone can actually become punter of the year.

I was over visiting the Sportsbet site today where I managed to find a section of this year’s punter of the year. I didn’t know that they had a weekly Punter Of The Week draw. Apparently in 2014 they had payed out a total of $1.89 million to their punter of the week winners. They’re now running a poll to decide who is going to be the Punter Of The Year 2014. It’s going to be out of 5 lucky punters.

  1. JD of Victoria managed to win $59,610 and he did that after outlaying only $2.88 on a First Four Mystery Bet in the second race at Flemington on Melbourne Cup day. Man, I would love a sweet win like that. You can read all about Mystery Bets here.
  2. Then there is TD of NSW who turned $10 into $67,000. He did this by placing a halftime/fultime treble one week into the World Cup. I don’t know how it works but these were his picks.

    Draw at half time / Italy at full time @ $6

    Japan at half time / Ivory Coast at full time @ $31

    Ecuador at half time / Switzerland at full time @ $36

    The final leg proved most difficult, being the first ever meeting between Switzerland and Ecuador. As TD planned, Ecuador led at the interval thanks to a header from Enner Valencia in the 22nd minute, only to be pegged back early in the second half by Swizterland’s half-time sub Admir Mehmedi. By the 90th minute, neither team had conceded and TD needed Switzerland to find a late winner. Thankfully Haris Seferović found more holes than Swiss cheese in Ecuador’s defense in the 93rd minute to win the match for Switzerland.

  3. The third punter of the week occurred in the AFL. MD of South Australia, yay, a local :thumb_up: turned $25 into almost $40,000. Way to go MD! Don’t worry, I’ll link to the full article at the end of the post so you can check out all the results and how they did it. You can also take part in the poll. 😉
  4. Punter 4 is from Queensland and he converted his $50 wager into almost $10,000!
  5. Finally we have another punter from Queensland who made $54,000 by placing $8 on a three leg racing multi.

If you want to see exactly how they became punter of the week you can head on over to the Sportsbet Blog to read the post. While there you may as well take part in their punter of the year poll. Heck, you may even want to take part in their Million Dollar Tipping competition.