Lucky Sports Bet Of The Week

It’s time for me to pick another lucky sports bet. As usual I ask Lady Luck as to whether or not I should place a bet. Fortuna, our Lady Luck of sports, has had a pretty good run so far. She did get last week wrong though but maybe she was trying to tell me something.  :tongue_out:

When I asked her if I should place a bet this week she pointed to William Hill. As I’m not a William Hill member she’s clearly telling me to place a bet.

Ok, so the first thing to do is to check my Sports Betting Apps to see who has the best odds. As you know I’ve joined three of my favourite online sports betting sites.

Checking the odds was as simple as flicking through my smartphone apps. You can see the results below.

Lucky Sports Bet Best Odds

lucky sports bet


Yeah, you know I’m going to bet on the Crows vs Collingwood game. I should have bet on the Crows last week but I chased the better odds and backed Port Power instead. As it turns out Port Power, although it was a brilliant game, let me down.

Out of my favourite online Bookies SportsBet and William Hill are offering the best odds. William Hill have been pretty lucky for me so I figured this week I’ll place my wager with them. Hopefully it will turn out to be a lucky sports bet for me.

Lucky Sports Bet For The Adelaide Crows

Both the Crows and Collingwood played well last week. I reckon the Adelaide Crows were the better of the two. Also, the fact that Steele Sidebottom is out means that Collingwood will need to pick up their game.

Of course one never knows how things will turn out when it comes to betting on any sport outcome. Upsets happen all the time. This is why you should always bet responsibly and  never bet more than you can afford to lose.