Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory Results

 Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory Results

You know I really should listen to Fortuna, our Lady Luck of sports. Even though she warned me against betting on the Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory game I went against her advice and laid a bet. I thought that by covering my bets I thought for sure that would secure me a win. Reading that post will explain exactly how I placed my wagers on that game.

Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory 2-2

As it turns out the Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory match resulted in a 2-2 tie. What a pain in the ass because that turned what I thought was a winning bet into a losing bet.

One thing for sure though was it was one hell of an exciting game. As much as I wanted Adelaide United to win, right near the end there I was hoping someone would score a goal. Shit, I didn’t even care if it was Melbourne Victory that scored the goal. What’s that? I’m not being a loyal fan? Heck, before I used to bet on soccer games I never even used to watch them. It’s not like it’s the AFL and I was hoping the Crows would lose or anything.  :tongue_out:

As you know whenever Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory Results it always results in an exciting game. This one was no different. As far as I’m concerned Adelaide was the better team. They controlled the game most of the time and really should have converted more but that wasn’t to be. I’m not sure of the exact number but I reckon Adelaide United had at least 16 corners. One would have thought they should have converted some of them into goals but that wasn’t to be.

My goal of the match goes to Pablo Sanchez. As you can see from the video below the gameplay resulted in Sanchez securing a perfectly executed header that resulted in a goal. Even though the video shows the goal and resulting aftermath that caused a lot of Adelaide supporters, my son being one of them, to be showered in a beer bath. Personally I thought it a waste of good beer but whatever turns you on, right? 😉

What the video doesn’t show is the gameplay after the ball was thrown in until Sergio Cirio was able to chip a cross to the back post where Sanchez literally soared above Victory centre back Matthieu Delpierre to nod home the equaliser from close range. Read a full run down from the A Leagues official website.

Did you watch the game on Foxtel or were you lucky enough to be physically there. Either way, what did you think of the latest Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory clash?

Bet365 Wins Again

Bet365 Wins A Winning Bet

Yep, Bet365 wins for me again! You may remember my last post, where I went against Lady Luck’s advice and placed a bet on the the Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory game last week? I was going to place a bet on Adelaide United to win but because Lady Luck told me not to place a bet and I really, really wanted to bet on that game I did the only thing I could do in that situation. I placed a $5 wager on Adelaide United to win and a $7 wager on Melbourne Victory to win. The only way I could lose was if it was a drawer. And we all know how easily that can happen when soccer is concerned.

bet365 win

As it turns out Melbourne Victory won which payed out $15.40! As my total stakes on the game was $12 I won a huge $3.40.  :tongue_out: So, all in all another bet365 winning bet.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s still almost a 30% return. I’m not getting that sort of return at any of the banks. Too bad I can’t turn all my bets into a winning bet. But you know me, as much as I like winning I love the extra excitement I get from sport when I’ve placed a bet on a match, race or something.

Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United Results

As it turns out Melbourne Victory beat Adelaide United 3-2. You can go to the A-League site to read the highlights of the match. Personally I found the game to be quite frustrating. Especially because we gave away two own goals. If it wasn’t for those goals Adelaide United actually would have won.

The highlight of the match for me was watching Kevin Muscat lose his cool, kicking the crap out of something that was within reach of his foot.  :RLOL:

Overall I reckon that Adelaide United played better and they deserved to win. And they would have won too if they didn’t give away those two own goals. Oh well, shit happens.

Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory Update

I don’t usually watch A League soccer but I did watch the Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory game last Friday Night. This is most unusual for me and the only reason I did watch it is because I placed some bets on the game. You can see how I placed those bets in my Australian A League Betting post.

What can I say, that bet was a total bust! Almost like that game. Shit, the only thing that made that game interesting and worth watching was the fact that I placed those bets on it. If I hadn’t placed those bets I doubt very much that I would have watched the whole thing.

Even so I found Adelaide United efforts most frustrating. Not that I know that much about soccer but I felt that Adelaide United was the better side. They seemed to control the ball better and had more shots at goals than Melbourne Victory did. The fact that they missed it so often I found to be extremely frustrating.

When they did finally score that goal in the dying minutes of the game I thought I had a winning bet for sure. All they had to do was to make sure Melbourne Victory did not score a goal. They’d done that for some 85 or so minutes so I thought they could do it for a few minutes more. Unfortunately it was not to be as Ben Khalfallah scored the equaliser ruining all of Sergio Cirio’s efforts for scoring what could have been the winning goal.

Adelaide United draw

The Guardian had an interesting update of the game. Not too much to say I suppose, especially considering it was such a lack lustre game.

All in all though, boring as the game was, I have to say that Adelaide did very well not to get their arses kicked. Apparently, according to some soccer enthusiasts I spoke to, they expected Melbourne Victory to have a resounding win. If you look at it that way a draw isn’t all that bad. Except for the fact that it cost me a bet that is.  :tongue_out: