Round 21 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 21 Footy Tips Results

Round 21 Footy Tips resultsI reckon that Fortuna is feeling pretty smug about her round 21 footy tips results. Wouldn’t you be if you did well with your round 21 footy tips results?

Lets have a look at the two games that Fortuna got wrong. Then first one was the Hawthorne vs Port Adelaide game, the first of the round 21 series. You many remember from my last post that I didn’t include the Hawthorne Port Adelaide in my bet365 multi-bet. The reason for that is that I’ve learned you just can’t rely on the Power. When they’re supposed to win they lose and when they’re supposed to lose they win. I’m sure everyone expected them to lose that one and no-one would be more surprised than the Hawthorne supporters.  :pull_hair:

The Port Power victory over Hawthorn would have to be one of the most surprising upsets of the 2015 AFL season. It certainly stuffed up Hawthorn’s chances for a top 2 spot in the finals, and wouldn’t they be pissed about that!  :bash: It probably did a lot for the lagging Port supporters too.

Then there is the Carlton vs Melbourne game. Maybe not as big an upset as the Port Adelaide / Hawthorn game but still one that Carlton fans can be happy about. Especially because they are now off the bottom of the ladder. Speaking of the bottom of the AFL ladder that now belongs to the Brisbane Lions who were sent there by the Crows. I was lucky enough to go to that game and sat in the members area. What a great view! You have to love the Adelaide Oval.

Round 21 Multi-Bet Results

Luckily for me that the round 21 footy tips results helped me in once again winning my multi-bet. You can see my multi-bet in this post. My $10 bet returned $33.65. I’m glad I’ve stuck with the multi-bets. They’ve certainly added to the excitement of watching the footy. Whereas before I only used to watch the Crows games I now will watch, and enjoy all those games that are part of my Multi-Bet!

How did you go with your round 21 footy tips results?

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Round 15 Footy Tips Results

AFL Round 15 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna Round 15 footy tips results

I reckon Fortuna did pretty well getting 6 out of the nine right in her round 15 footy tips. Shit, who would have thought that Port Adelaide would beat Collingwood! Jackson Trengove says the Port Power players picked it up a notch in honour of Phil Walsh who used to be their assistant coach. Nice of them to say that after the win, something that I’m sure the Crows would have loved to do in their game against West Coast.

As you know, even though Fortuna didn’t pick Adelaide as part of her tips, I selected them as the last leg of my Multi-bet. It was more of an emotional bet and I was really hoping the Crows could pull off a win. Partly in honour of Phil Walsh and partly because it would have culminated in a nice win, bet wise. You could tell at the end of the game how disappointed they were in their loss. I’m sure they did all they could to honour Phil Walsh. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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Yes, a win would have been a great tribute, but the fact that they played as well as they did, even after the recent horrific loss of their coach, is a tribute all the same.

As you can tell from my last post my latest multi-bet was a bit of a bummer, getting two out of the four right. I nearly cashed out at $12 but didn’t. The wrong decision and one I made on an emotional level. Reckon I should do a post on how one should keep emotions out of the equation when it comes to sports betting 😉

I’m going to continue to place multicast for a couple of reasons. The first is In minimises my loss allowing my bankroll to last a lot longer. The second is that a multi-bet win is so much more lucrative than your normal bet. I wrote about this in the Biggest Multi-Wins post.