Round 6 2016 AFL Results

Fortuna’s Round 6 2016 AFL Results

Round 6 2016 AFL ResultsFortuna’s Round 6 2016 AFL Results wasn’t all that bad getting only 3 out of the 9 wrong. That’s the thing when betting on the AFL, or any other sport for that matter. You just never know what the outcome is going to be. That’s why its so important to gamble responsibly.

As for my Sportsbet Multibet, it was absolutely one of the worst multi bets I’ve ever placed. You can see my multi-bet picks here. You’ll notice that I only got 2 of my five picks right. Of those the two that I found surprising was the Richmond vs Port Adelaide and the GWS Giants vs Hawthorne games. I should know better than to back a Port Power game. I’m sure they won that game just to piss me off  :RLOL:

This week wasn’t a total loss though. It did have two major highlights. The first was that the Crows managed to beat Fremantle. This puts the Crows in the seventh position, 4 spots above Port Power. Being above Port Power is always a good thing.  :tongue_out:

The other highlight was the Adelaide City win against Western Sydney Wanderers. To me it was a sweet victory because most of the commentators were so biased saying that it would be a definite Western Sydney Wanders win!

Instead, after 13 long years, Adelaide City United won their first final becoming the A-League Champions. I was so thrilled for them, especially as they started so badly at the beginning of the season.

As far as my Multi-Bet loss it wasn’t that bad because as I’ve said before the way I place my multi-bets I’ve always g0t something back. This is because I always place a dollar on each of the 5 legs and the remaining $5 goes on the multi-bet itself. That way even though my Multi-bet loses my winning legs of the multi-bet still pays out. This minimises the loss and means my sports betting bankroll lasts that much longer,

What do you do to make your sports betting bankroll last longer.

Fortuna Round 8 Footy Tips 2015

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips? Fortuna did really well getting 8 out of the nine right. The only one that let her down was the Port Adelaide vs Brisbane match. I’m sure that most would have picked Port Adelaide and I know that Port Adelaide supports were pretty upset over losing what they thought was a sure thing. I even wrote a post about how fickle Port Adelaide fans can be. You’ll get a real kick out of the video at the end of the post. Time to check out Fortuna Round 8 footy tips.

Fortuna Round 8 Footy Tips

Fortuna Round 8 Footy tips

I’ve had a couple of people email me saying how it would be nice if could include both teams in the tips highlighting the tipped winner in another colour. For Fortuna round 8 footy tips the selected teams will be in red.

  • Geelong vs Carlton
  • St Kilda vs West Coast
  • GWS Giants vs Adelaide
  • Gold Coast vs Collingwood
  • Hawthorn vs Sydney
  • Fremantle vs North Melbourne
  • Essendon vs Brisbane
  • Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs
  • Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Looking at those tips the only one that I would question was the Port Adelaide vs Richmond game. I figure after their last crushing defeat Port Adelaide would finally get it together and actually win a game. I asked her why she picked Richmond and she just smiled. Isn’t that just like a woman, as if a smile says it all? Maybe she read my post I mentioned above about the fickle Port Adelaide fans and was interested to see if another loss would bring the tarps back.  😉

Round 8 Footy MultiBet Tips

Now that I have the Fortuna Round 8 footy tips its time for me to work out my MultiBet tips. I did pretty well with my last getting all five right. Even though I chickened out and used Sportsbet Cash Out feature in Richmond vs Collingwood game. I have to give it to Fortuna as most tipsters picked Collingwood to win that game.  :thumb_up:

The trick with winning your MultiBet is ensuring you get the first few games right. This is because getting your first one wrong voids the whole MultiBet, although you still get paid for the individual wins. One of the reasons why I’m preferring MultiBets over your normal bets. Here are my round 8 footy multi fortuna round 8 multibetbet tips.Geelong $1.23

  • Geelong $1.23
  • West Coast $1.20
  • Adelaide $2.65
  • Hawthorn $1.50
  • Western Bulldogs $1.40
  • Richmond $3.50

The odds for my MultiBet this week is $28.75. Therefore my $4 wager will net me $114.99! Add my individual wins to that and I come out with $126.47 making it my biggest win to date. Check out this post to see how the MultiBet odds are worked out.

You can see all this from the image over there on the right. Unlike other sports betting sites I actually place bets with the sports betting sites I recommend. You can’t get more honest than that. Clicking on any of those images will take you to Sportsbet site so you can place your own MultiBet. Let’s hope I’m as lucky with this one as I wan with my round 7 Multi Bet.

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