NAB Challenge Round 3 Results

It’s  now time to have a look at the NAB Challenge round 3 results.

NAB Challenge Round 3 Results Disappointing

NAB Challenge Round 3 results

As you can see from the image above the results aren’t any better than the NAB Challenge round 2 results. It’s too bad that the Brisbane vs St. Kilda game was cancelled due to rain because there was every chance that that could have been a winning game.

Betting on the AFL NAB Challenge Games

After those NAB Challenge round 3 results I’ve come to the conclusion that betting on the NAB Challenge is a lot harder than betting on games during the actual AFL season. This is because coaches and teams don’t seem to be that concerned with actually winning NAB Challenge games. They usually don’t play teams at full strength. Coaches don’t seem to be too worried about winning as they rarely show any coaching prowess.

As games aren’t usually played at the main footy ovals you’re not getting the usual crowd numbers and so there isn’t any home game advantage. The lack of crowds don’t give you the exciting atmosphere you normally find at an AFL game and probably don’t really inspire the players.

So, is there any point at betting on NAB Challenge games. My son doesn’t think so. I on the other hand disagree. While winning a bet on the NAB Challenge games is pretty damn hard I reckon doing so will be so much more satisfying.

Considering the luck lustre NAB Challenge games we’re stuck with during the AFL pre-season I need the added excitement that my small bets give me. This is one of the reason why I’ve been placing Multi-Bets lately. There are actually 3 main reasons why I love MultiBets.

  1. Multi-Bets give you better odds allowing for bigger wins
  2. Even though you may lose a multi-bet you still win something on the winning stages of the multi-bet minimising your overall loss
  3. The Cash Out feature offered by SportsBet and Bet365 means you can actually cash out ensuring you get to keep the bulk of your winnings when things are looking doubtful.

The best thing is I can do all this while still keeping to my responsible gambling rule of not betting more than $10 a week.

How did you go with your NAB Challenge betting? I sure hope it was betting than mine 😉