NAB Challenge Round 4 Results

I’m sure that everyone is happy that the NAB Challenge is finally over and that we now have the actual AFL 2016 season to look forward to. We still have the NAB Challenge Round 4 Results to get out of the way.

NAB Challenge Round 4 Results Not Bad

NAB Challenge Round 4 results

As far was the NAB Challenge round 4 results go I reckon I did pretty damn good. As you can see from the image below I only got three wrong. Unfortunately one of those was part of my Bet365 multi-bet. To make matters work it was the first bloody leg of my multi-bet.

I put a link to that multi-bet on NAB Challenge round 4 tips post. I do that in all posts where I say that I’ve placed a bet. That way,¬†anybody who happens to read those posts know I don’t just talk about placing bets with those online sports betting sites. I actually do use them to place sports bets. How else can you promote anything unless you’ve actually used them?

Even though Richmond cost me my multi-bet I’m sure they’re felling pretty bad because of all the injuries they received playing Port Power. Fox Sports had a pretty good writeup of that match.

Who Won The NAB Challenge 2016

The question now is who won the NAB Challenge 2016? The answer as to who won the NAB Challenge is that there are actually 3 winners because three teams got through the NAB Challenge 2016 without losing a game. Those teams are Fremantle, Melbourne and Collingwood. If you were going to go by percentage then Fremantle would be crowned the NAB Challenge winners.

I honestly didn’t expect Melbourne to be there, but then it is only preseason after all.

You can see the full 2016 NAB Challenge ladder here.

How did you go with your NAB Challenge round 4 results?