Aussie Bad Boys’ Tennis Showdown

Speaking of tennis showdowns I reckon the Aussie bad boys’ tennis showdown is certainly not one to miss. Not into tennis? Who are we referring to as the Aussie bad boys’ tennis showdown? Who else but Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic.

Kyrgios Tomic Aussie Bad Boys Tennis Showdown

Aussie Bad Boys' Tennis Showdown

In this article Bernard Tomic has a swipe at Nick Kyrgios and the Australian Open for using Dunlop Balls. In this articlethe Australian Open feel their decision to use Dunlop balls is the best possible for all players. I reckon only time will tell.

Kyrgios, well known for losing his cool on the court shows he’s more diplomatic than Tomic in the media. Only 5 hours ago the reported Kyrgios as saying there was no bad blood between them.

One has to wonder if this banter before the game is just like the banter we see between boxing opponents. Especially considering this particular quote in the aforementioned article.

Unknown to most, though, Kyrgios and Tomic have since buried the hatchet and practised together at grand slams.
Kyrgios said the spicy build-up to the pair’s first-ever clash was “just typical media doing their thing”.
“I’m looking forward to seeing him and catching up with him and playing against him,” Kyrgios said.
“We’re fine. I don’t have any bad blood with him at all. It’s another chance to get some preparation before the Oz Open.

The Kooyong Classic is days away, so there’s not long to wait for the clash of the Aussie bad boys. No matter who wins I’m sure there’s going to be some fireworks. If there isn’t I reckon there will be some who will be disappointed. But then, as long as both bad boys give it their all most tennis fans will be more than satisfied, fireworks or not.

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Bad Boy Kyrgios Bullshit

Bad Boy Kyrgios

Bad Boy Kyrgios At It Again?

I’m not at all surprised that people are bashing Nick Kyrgios again. The latest Kyrgios bashing occurred during his Shanghai outbursts. While I admit that Kyrgios needs to be more focused during his games and need to control his temper a little I reckon they’re making a mountain out of a mole hill by accusing him of attempting to hit a linesman with a ball!

The link above will show you a video of the Kyrgios / Linesman incident. I took a screenshot of it which you can see on the left. The ball is just below the L on Rolex. The ball would have missed jim even if he didn’t arch is back. Even so Chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani sanctioned Kyrgios saying, “the linesman had to jump away, it was very dangerous…” Dangerous? Really? What a load of bullshit!

Firstly, the ball would have missed him, although it probably would have got him when it rebounded off the wall. Secondly I doubt anyone would have called it dangerous. Thirdly, it’s not like our bad boy Kyrgios did it on purpose. He hit the ball out of frustration, something many tennis players have been known to do. He certainly didn’t target the linesman who didn’t seem too concerned at all.

As for the swearing our bad boy Kyrgios isn’t the only tennis player to swear on court. Remember that string of F-Bombs that Serena Williams let fly during the French Open? Andy Murray is another well know F-Bomb protagonist. Seems to me the real culprit on the tennis court are the on-court microphones. Do we really need to hear what the players are saying? If we do then why should they be penalised things said in the heat of the moment. Is it really fair to  force players to suppress their characters by muffling their frustrations for fear of penalties? Shit, here we have true reality TV and they’re trying to turn it into kiddies playtime TV!

What really pisses me off is the way people are attacking him on social media, saying bad boy Kyrgios is bad for tennis. Really? Seems to me he makes tennis so much more interesting. Maybe he’s not as funny as Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore but you have to admit he’s pretty bloody entertaining!

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Nick Kyrgios Sledging Un-Australian

Nick Kyrgios SledgingThere’s been a lot of hype around about the Nick Kyrgios sledging saga and I want to way in on it. In case you’ve just come out of the closet and have missed it all it’s all about Nick Kyrgios sledging Stan Wawrinka during their match in Montreal. So what did Kyrgios say that has everybody jumping up and down? I’m glad you asked.  :tongue_out: After losing the first set he was heard to say, “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate.” Apparently this caused an immediate uproar over social media. Really?  :bash:

Some were even saying that the Nick Kyrgios sledging was un-Australian! That brought a smile to my face. Shit, we all know that some of the best sledges around have originated with us Aussies. Especially when concerning cricket! Let’s have a look at some of those famous sledges so we have something to compare the Nick Kyrgios sledging to.

Nick Kyrgios Sledging vs Famous Sledging

Famous Sledging

One well known sledge took place between Rod Marsh and Ian Botham in an Ashes match. When Botham arrives at the wicket he cops a bit of cheek from the Aussie keeper. Marsh : “So how’s your wife and my kid’s?”. Botham: “Wife’s fine. Kid’s are retarded“. Seems to me that sledge was more provoking than the Kyrgios one. The only difference being that Botham could take the sledge and came back with one of his own.

Then there is the interesting dialogue between Merv Hughes and Viv Richards. this happened during a test match in Jamaica. It all started because Hughes continued to stare at Richards after every delivery never speaking a word. This eventually got to Viv Richards who finally says to Merv, “Don’t you be staring at me, man. This is my island, my culture. And in my culture we just bowl“. Hughes replied with a ripper : “In my culture we just say fuck off“. I reckon that expletive beats Nick Kyrgios sledging of Wawrinka hands down.

Then there is the sledging between Mark Waugh and Adam Parore. Waugh: “I remember you from a couple of years ago. You were shit then and you’re fucken useless now!”. To which Parore replied: “Yeah that’s me. And I remember you were dating that old, ugly slut. I see you’ve married her now. You dumb cunt”. Once again, in typical sledging banter Adam came back with a beautiful reply and as you can see once again this sledging between these cricketers is a hell of a lot more colourful than the Nick Kyrgios sledging!

You can see these and other famous sledging on Top 20 Cricket Sledges. Oh, just so you know the no.1 sledge was the one between Viv Richards & Greg Thomas at a county match in England, Because Richards was missing so many of the balls Thomas was bowling he calls out, “It’s red, it’s round. Now fucken hit it!”.Obviously angered, Richards proceeded to hit the next ball out of the ground. Richards then calls out, “You know what it looks like now go and get it.”

So, why all the uproar? And why would anyone say that sledging is un-Australian when so many Australians are famous for their sledges and it’s not even limited to us Aussies. Or is it because sledging is new to tennis and they’re just a bunch of pussies who aren’t man enough to handle it?

Remember that the main reason for sledging is to put people off their game. The Nick Kyrgios sledging seemed to work because Kyrgios won that game.

OK, so maybe one shouldn’t use sledging in tennis. Nick tried it and got booed to buggery, not to mention the fine. Nick’s young and is bound to make mistakes. To call him un-Australian and to ask for a 3 year suspension is beyond belief. In my opinion Warinka should grow some balls and learn how to take a little sledging and show the world that tennis players, like cricketers and other famous sportsmen, are not pussies!

If you’re looking for some more interesting sledges you should check out this site which has some rippers!

I’d love to hear your comments on this subject.