AFL Round 11 Results 2016

AFL Round 11 Results Fortuna Rules!

AFL Round 11 Results Fortuna rocks

I bet you wished you took Fortuna’s advice in last weeks tips because her AFL Round 11 results absolutely rocked. Yep, last week Fortuna said she was hoping to do better in her AFL round 11 tips and so she did. As you can see in the image above Fortuna’s AFL round 11 results was a perfect 9 out of 9. That brings her running total to 72 for the year. Way to go Fortuna!

Luckily for me I followed her tips to a tee and that scored me two winning bets last week. You can see my bets in last weeks Round 11 AFL Footy Tips 2016. My biggest winner was my Sportsbet MultiBet! That winning $10 bet returned $55.34 which I am really happy with.

Then there was the $1 I placed after entering last weeks Million Dollar Tipping Competition. Even though Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping competition is absolutely free to all members I always place a dollar wager.I figure, what the heck, it’s only a dollar and it also helps me to keep track of my tips for that week by quickly checking the tips via my Sportsbet app.

As it turns out because of Fortuna’s fabulous AFL round 11 results that dollar wager returned $18.31 bringing my total to winnings to $73.65. Not too shabby for a $11 outlay!

Why Gambling Responsibly Is Important

There are some out there who are probably thinking to themselves that I could have won so much more money if my wagers were a lot bigger. While that is true it’s also true that it would have been just as easy for those bets to go sour. When I first started this blog one of the first posts I did was about gambling responsibly.

Gambling responsibly not only protects my assets and my family, it also protects my sports betting bankroll. Otherwise, at the very least, I would have blown my sports betting bankroll and at the worst it could cost me my family and self respect.

Over to you, how did you go with your AFL round 11 results?