Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Winner 2012

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping
Matt of Pakenham Upper, Victoria, An AFL fan wins the NRL Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping $200,000 winner in 2012

Do you love tipping? If you do then you’re going to love the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the AFL or NRL you can enter either or both if you want a chance at winning $20,000! This is because there’s $10,000 up for grabs for each of the footblall codes. Naturally you have to be a Sportsbet member to enter the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping but membership is free so why not join and have a punt. That’s right, membership is FREE so Click Here To Have A Go At Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping!

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping FAQ

I went online just a minute a go to have a look at the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping FAQ’s and I’ve come up with some of the most interesting points that I think You’re going to love.

  • There was over $1,000,000 in cash and Free/Bonus Bet Prizes given away in their 2014 AFL & NRL competitions. I can only imagine what’s on offer for the 2015 AFL and NRL season!
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about the codes as “History shows Top 10 prize winners do not need to know much about the sport, so it pays to have a crack at both competitions – especially with $10,000 cash on offer every round of the season for both AFL & NRL tipping and $100,000 cash each for the two end of season winners!” Look for the 2 examples of Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Winners in this post. 😉
  • Can I win $10,000 cash every round?
    Tip the most winners and best margin every round and you’ll be the richest footy tipster in the land! There is no cap on how many times you can win or share the $10,000 weekly cash prizes.AFL tipsters can win $10,000 every round. NRL tipsters can win $10,000 every round. So it pays to play both competitions and have a crack at $20,000 cash every round!There is also $100,000 cash for the best tipsters in the AFL & NRL comps too! Ponder your strategy – go for broke on the $10k weekly prizes? Or tip conservatively to take-down the end of season $100,000 cash bounty?Have fun and good luck with your tips!”
  • How do the results work?
    After each round you can view a summary of how you went and where you’re ranked up to the end of that round on all public and private ladders. If you’d like to view previous round results simply click the Round number above the list of matches. You will be able to see your results for that round and where you were ranked at that point in the season.He’s an example of the results summary that you will see on the My Tips page:Round # Result – displays the number of tips you got correct for that round.Total Score – displays your total number of correct tips up to that round.Average score – displays the average number of tips you get correct each week. This is worked out by dividing your total score by the round number.Tipping Rank – displays where you are ranked in the overall public competition at the end of that round.Game Margin – displays the actual margin that the winning team beat the losing team by for the match you were required to predict the winning margin for. It also displays the two teams that played in the match with the winning team in bold.Your Margin – displays the margin that you predicted the winning team would beat the losing team by for the selected match that round.Margin Difference – displays the difference between the Game Margin and Your Margin. Read How does the Margin work? for more information.Total Margin – displays each round’s margin difference added cumulatively up to the end of the round you’re looking at.”
  • How do the Ladders and Scoring work?
    Every successful tip earns one point. Unsuccessful tips do not score any points. The ladder will be updated after each match so you can see where you’re ranked every game of every round.The $10,000 weekly ladder will list the number of successful tips scored and margin for the current round only. Nail the most winners and best margin and you will win or share $10,000 cash!The Overall ladder will list the number of successful tips scored each round and also list the Grand Total points scored for the season and accumulated margin for all Rounds. Outsmart other tipsters over the season and you could win $100,000 cash as Australia’s best footy tipster.Ladder Ranking is based on which tipsters have the most Grand Total points and the lowest Total Margin.
  • This is really cool! “How do I win and claim a Prize?
    There are many ways to win a prize every round in Million Dollar Tipping!!$10,000 weekly cash prize: tip the most winners and have the best margin and you can win or share $10,000 cash every round.
    $20 weekly Free/Bonus Bet prizes: be ranked on a Go for Gold ranking at the end of a round and win one of ten $20 Free/Bonus Bets every round.
    Top 500 end of season cash prizes: the Top 500 tipsters at the end of the season will win up to $100,000 cash.
    Top 1,000 end of season Free/Bonus Bet prizes: rank between 501-1,000 at the end of the season to win up to a $20 Free/Bonus Bet.
    Best of Club Free/Bonus Bet prizes: the Top 5 tipsters ranked on their club ladder win up to a $250 Free/Bonus Bet.
    Take on a Trader Free/Bonus Bet prizes: join the expert Sportsbet AFL & NRL trader’s ladders and if you’re the best tipster of the Round and ‘Beat the Bookie’ on their ladder, you can win a $500 Free/Bonus Bet every round.Sportsbet will contact members and pay members usually within a 48-hours of the prize being won and pay the prize into your Sportsbet account so you can withdraw or wager at your discretion.”

When you consider all the FAQ’s its no wonder that Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping is on of Australia’s most popular footy tipping comptetition.

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Winner 2014
Trent an Avid NRL fan now follows the Sydney Swans after winning the AFL Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping this year

Now lets look at this years Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping winner. You can see him over there on the left. This guy, Trent from Sydney, won $100,000 cash for being this years richest AFL footy tipster.

It appears Trent new stuff all about the AFL, being more interested in the NRL, but that didn’t stop him from being the AFL Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping winner.

Apparently he had a pretty simple strategy. “…he’d call up his cousin before each round and ask him for tips, then back the opposite team.”

So, how do you enter your tips. First you need to join Sportsbet. Once you’re a member you follow the 6 simple steps.

Step 1. Log in to Million Dollar Tipping. Note that link will not work properly until you join.

Step 2. Go to My Tips

Step 3. Select either the AFL Tipping or NRL tipping button under the My Tips tab.

Step 4. Click the teams you think will win each game for the round. The teams will highlight blue. In this example, St Kilda and Richmond are tipped to win.

Step 5. Predict the margin of the last game for that round. The winning margin is the number of points you believe the winning team will defeat the losing team by. In this example, Richmond is tipped to defeat Port Adelaide by 1 point.

Step 6. Once you’ve selected a result for each game click Submit Tips button and you’re done!

A Tips Confirmation email will be sent confirming selections for the round.

Tips must be submitted via the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping website or mobile phone app/site. Sportsbet will not accept tips submitted via a voice call unless under exceptional circumstances (ie. internet/website is down).

That’s it. Will you be the next Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping winner?